Can Makeup Be Worn With Eyelash Extensions - Infinit Lash Products Answers The Question

April 15, 2019
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Infinit Lash Products is committed to ensuring that their clients remain informed and satisfied regarding all the products they use. Through research and testing, the company determines how best to choose eyelash extensions, which ones are the best overall, and, naturally, the best ways of taking care of them. Infinit, in their pursuit of more knowledge, has undertaken a project to help clients learn once and for all: Can makeup be worn with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions use an adhesive that can be broken down by compounds found in certain cosmetic products. The adhesive is known as Cyanoacrylate, a polar molecule. Polar molecules break down when brought in contact with other polar molecules, which are commonly found in many cosmetics. Cosmetic products containing more polar molecules should be avoided in order to ensure that the false lashes last longer. Eyelash extensions are usually meant to add volume, fullness, or dramatic weight to eyelashes while makeup accentuates the natural beauty of the wearer’s face. Makeup that comes in contact with the eyes, like eye shadow or eye liner, can affect the lifespan of eyelash extensions. However, powder and foundation are not major concerns as they don’t really come in contact with the eyes.

Foundation may contain a variety of compounds, some of which can dissolve the adhesive. This does not, however, mean that foundation should be avoided entirely as it does not necessarily come in contact with the eyes, especially the eye lashes. Other makeup products that do come in contact with the eyes, however, require the user to be wary when applying or removing them.

Eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow, for example, often contain wax and other substances that help them stick to the skin. This is not an issue until one wants to remove the makeup, whereby it sticks to the false lashes and pulls them off. In cases where one’s makeup may interfere with their false lashes, it is often best to try and find water based and oil free products to minimize the risk of removing the lashes when removing other makeup products.

Makeup is often removed using makeup removers, which come either as liquids or in the form of wipes. The compounds found in makeup removers often contain polar molecules and can weaken the bond between the lash extensions and natural lashes. Makeup wipes also create similar problems. Usually, using products made specifically to remove makeup or clean lash extensions without damaging the adhesive is much better as these products are gentler while retaining the ability to clean effectively.

Infinit tries to create products that are both effective and safe for clients while also not damaging their eyelashes. Infinit’s Clean Foaming Eyelid and Eyelash Extension Cleanser, for example, is an eyelash cleaning liquid that keeps eyelash extensions clean, thus helping them last longer. It gently washes away makeup without weakening the bond between the eyelash extension and natural eyelashes.

In a review titled ‘A Lash Extension’s Must,’ Melissa B. stated, “I’ve been looking for a good lash cleanser for my extensions and this did not disappoint. It was easy to use, especially with the included brush, and it didn’t sting at all, which was great. It got all the makeup buildup off my lashes and left them clean and fluffy after! I’m three weeks out, so I’m about ready for a fill, but they look so good after using this. They have that fresh, fluffy, new set look to them. Definitely will be buying this again; it’s a winner.”

Another customer, Andrea M. stated, “Before I got this, I would use baby soap to clean my lashes. All the lash techs I went to said it was a good alternative to use, but I didn’t think it was helping because, within a week, I would need a fill. I looked through Amazon and found this product—and it’s so good! My retention is way better than before; i don’t need a fill after a week anymore. Now, it’s maybe every 2-3 weeks so I’m saving money. Also, I love that it comes with a brush. Don’t hesitate to buy this, you won’t regret it.”

Infinit is committed not only to providing the best products but also to keeping their clients well informed. Get in touch with Tasha Land of Infinit Lash Products for a trustworthy lash extension cleanser among many other products that are great for all types of skin.

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