Infinit Lash Products Answers Question: Is Eyelash Extension Glue Safe

April 15, 2019
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Infinit Lash Products in Del Mar, California has announced the publication of new information regarding the safety of using eyelash extension glue. The company provides a number of related products, and states that salons that offer eyelash extensions need to fully understand the difference between an irritation and an allergic reaction.

Tasha Land, a representative for the company says, “If a salon owner has a client that is allergic to this glue, there will be a much different affect than if the client is merely suffering from a minor irritation. It is imperative that those who apply eyelash extensions know how to spot the differences. This is what our published information is about.”

Land says that allergic reactions to the glue are actually quite rare, although they can happen. She says that because reactions can occur to extension glue, it is important for salon owners to provide waivers for clients. These waivers explain to clients that there could be minor irritation and that the risk of having an allergic reaction is rare but possible. This protects the salon from any backlash.

“People want to know, ‘is eyelash extension glue safe’,” says Land. “We want to help salon owners to fully understand the differences between what makes this glue unsafe for those who may be allergic to it and how to handle a minor irritation. Many clients may experience irritation, particularly if they glue is applied incorrectly. The right process of applying and removing extension glue can significantly lower the risks of an occurrence.

Land adds that there are a number of things that can cause an irritation to the glue. Since the glue goes on the eyelash, and the eyes are typically quite sensitive, she states that it is important for salons to apply eyelash extensions in a well ventilated area. Lash adhesive gives off fumes as it sets. Land says that this can cause a minor irritation, that typically ends once the client has moved from that location.

She adds that there are a number of additional things that can cause minor irritations when using glue for lash extensions and states that all of these can be viewed on the new information provided for salons. Land says that anyone who offers eyelash extensions to clients should take the time to read through this information and learn ways of lowering the risk of irritation. She adds that if an actual allergic reaction is occurring, medical assistance should be sought immediately.

“We just want everyone to enjoy their lashes and salon owners to enjoy providing them,” says Land. “We get so many questions about the safety of the glue and the lash extensions themselves and just wanted to relay some of this important information.”

Infinit Lash Products provides a number of related products to clients, including lash extension glue and remover products. Land says that they have been working in the eyelash community for nearly 10 years and have taken classes to stay updated on the latest trends in the industry. Staff from the company teaches their own techniques to salon owners and helps them to better understand the standards that they should be held to with regards to their own clients.

“We have experimented with a number of products over the years,” says Land. “In an effort to find the very best in eyelash products to offer to our clients. We have also worked with numerous manufacturers in creating a line of products that we want to share with lash professionals all over the world.”

Those who are interested in reading more about the safety and risks associated with extension glue can visit the company on their official website. Land says that salon owners and those who apply eyelash extensions can browse their website to get a better idea of the quality of products that they offer. A frequently asked questions page is provided for those who have questions, as well as direct contact information for the company.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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