Maintain Eyelash Extensions With Infinit Lash Products

April 15, 2019
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A full set of eyelash extensions can completely change a person’s look, making their eyelashes look incredibly long and their eyes larger. These beauty products are a popular choice because the volume and length they add allow wearers to shorten their makeup routine by not having to apply fake lashes, mascara, or eyeliner. While eyelash extensions are long wearing, it is important that the wearer is fully educated on the application process, after care, which products to use and avoid, and what they should expect with their new eyelashes.

No matter what type of extension is used, or what kind of adhesive is used to secure the lashes, no eyelash extension is fully permanent. With the right eyelash extension glue, however, professionals can apply a full eyelash set efficiently and safely, and allow their client to enjoy their new extensions for up to two months if cared for correctly.

The Infinit Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive was created by eyelash extension artists for salon use purposes. The extremely powerful formula allows extensions to adhere to natural eyelashes for up to eight weeks—much longer than other formulas found on the market. Since this adhesive is so long-wearing, salon professionals will benefit from the satisfaction of their clients, saving them both money and time on fill-ins and reapplications. The Infinit Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive also has the added benefit of drying extremely quickly. This property allows lash professionals to apply eyelash extensions much faster without losing any of the quality.

One of the most important responsibilities that a beautician has in respect to eyelash extension applications is to fully educate their client on how to properly maintain eyelash extensions. While this includes information on how to clean and care for extensions, what many clients are unaware of is the need for them to cut some products out of their makeup and skin care routine altogether.

Many eyelash adhesive products are made up of a chemical called cyanoacrylate. As this chemical is polarized, it is very important that other polarized products do not come in contact with the eyelash extension adhesive as it will disintegrate the adhesive and lead to the extensions falling out. Wax-based eye makeup will also shorten the lifespan of eyelash extensions, as it clings to both the adhesive and the lashes. Professionals should also warn their clients of oil-based products such as certain mascaras, eye shadows, and makeup removers, as they can quickly dissolve the extension adhesive. To browse more information on eyelash extension maintenance, visit the Infinit Lash Products website.

Professionals know that eyelash extensions are a great choice for people with almost any lifestyle. Sweat and water do little damage to the extensions so those who lead active lives don’t have to worry that their typical activities will cause the lashes to fall out. However, summer can be a difficult time for maintaining healthy eyelash extensions for any lifestyle. In the hot summer months the lashes often come in contact with sunscreen, moisturizer, chlorine, and salt water. During this time it’s especially important for the wearer to keep these products to a minimum around the eye area and make sure to clean the extensions with water-based products. The company says, “For more tips to maintain your lashes during the summer months,” clients may look up the relevant information on their website.

The Infinit Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive is now available for sale on Amazon for professional use only. Furthermore, the company is proud to release their new bottle design that makes application quicker, easier, and more efficient. The newly engineered nozzle stops any leaks, reducing hard-to-clean messes and preventing any wasted product. The adhesive bottle is also fitted with a double blocking system that prevents oxygen from reaching the formula, which reduces hardening and extends the shelf-life of open bottles. To learn more about the advanced adhesive formula and more tips to extend and maintain the life of eyelash extensions visit Infinit Lash Product’s website or the Amazon listing for the Infinite Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive.

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