Infinit Lash Products Publishes Post On What Is The Strongest Eyelash Glue

April 15, 2019
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Infinit Lash Products in Del Mar, California has announced the publication of a post that is designed to help salon owners to find the strongest eyelash extension glue. The company sells a variety of eyelash extension products and states that their post will help those who offer eyelash extensions as part of their overall salon experience.

Tasha Land, a representative for Infinit Lash Products says, “When applying eyelash extensions, salon owners need to understand that not all products are alike. Clients do not want to pay for eyelash extensions simply to have them come loose or fall off as they leave the salon. We published this information to help lash extension professionals to choose products that will give their own clients a better overall experience.”

Land says that the company offers a number of posts that are all designed to benefit lash extension professionals. She adds that the company offers a wide range of lashes and extension products, including glue and remover, all of which have been tested and tried by the company to prove their quality.

Land adds, “One of the most common questions that we are asked is, ‘What is the strongest eyelash glue’, because salon professionals want their clients to have a good experience with their lash extensions. We know that there are so many products on the market that it can be difficult to choose the strongest and safest glue, so this information will help professionals to know what to look for in their adhesives.”

Land says that there are a number of things to consider when choosing an adhesive, including climate, retention, speed, sensitivity, and preference. She says that some clients will be more sensitive to certain products, and that there are a number of adhesives on the market that are designed for those with more sensitivity in the eye area.

“The eyes are a sensitive area to begin with,” says Land. “There are however, products that are specifically designed to lower the sensitivity that some feel from these types of products.”

Land adds that salon owners and lash professionals need to consider their climates when choosing an adhesive. Humid climates, such as those on beaches, will often require a different product than those that are used on customers in the mountains. She adds that retention is a very important aspect to consider.

“Some clients may want their lashes to stay in place for weeks, while others may just need them for a special event or occasion for the night,” says Land. She states that there are different levels of lash adhesives that can be used depending on what the lash client wants to accomplish with regards to retention.

Land states that price, while it is often a factor for many business considerations, is not something that lash professionals should focus on when choosing their lash adhesive products. She says that while there are some really cheap lash products on the market, these are likely to be very low quality and are not going to give the salon the reputation that they want for quality lash extensions.

Ininit Lash Products has been serving the lash industry for nearly 10 years. The company states that they offer a wide range of lash extension glue, removers, and other products that are designed to make the lash extension experience a positive one. Products and manufacturers have been tested by the company in order to gauge their quality and Land states that they only offer those products that have proven to be the best in the industry.

Those interested in learning more about the strongest glue available for lash extensions or about the products that are currently being offered by the company can visit the on their official website. The website offers contact information for those who would like to connect with the company via phone or email, as well as a list of frequently asked questions about the lash industry and the products that they offer.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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