Infinit Provides A Way To Achieve Clean Eyelash Extensions

April 15, 2019
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Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty trend, with many people around the world looking for ways to give their eyelashes a fuller, darker, more dramatic look. These extensions are essentially false eyelashes that are attached to the real ones using a special adhesive in order to give natural lashes an enhanced profile. As with all items related to beauty, maintenance is very important when it comes to false eyelashes, and keeping them from falling off while simultaneously keeping them clean can be quite the task.

There are a number of ways of keeping one’s eyelashes from getting damaged, especially in the approaching summer months. Sunscreen is an absolute must in summer but some of the ingredients found in sunscreen can damage the lash extensions and even cause them to fall off prematurely. Sweat is also bad for lash extensions, as it contains salt which can build up into a thick crust around the lashes. Wearing a headband or some sort of towel to keep sweat from meeting the lashes can help reduce any damage. Infinit recommends rinsing lashes after physical activities, and this also applies when the person with lashes goes swimming—chlorine and salt water can both affect the lashes quite seriously.

Removing makeup and regularly cleaning lashes all year round helps lash extensions last longer. Oil free makeup removers are able to remove eyeliner or eye shadow while minimizing damage done to the lashes. A gentle face wash combined with oil free makeup remover will ensure that one’s face is free of dust, oil, or salt from sweat and tears. One can also make use of an eyelash extension cleanser that is specifically designed to help maintain clean lashes.

Extreme heat can singe lash extensions and leave them looking less than perfect. Be it a barbeque, a bonfire, or an oven, heat can and will damage eyelashes and so people with eyelash extensions are advised to remain far away from any sources of extreme heat. As an article by Infinit states, “Extreme temperatures can singe your lashes, so whether you’re opening an oven door, or getting cozy by a fire, be cautious to not get too close.”

Infinit has also made an effort to give customers a way to keep their lashes clean with their foaming eyelid and lash extension cleanser. “The Infint Clean eyelid and lash cleanser is a gentle yet effective bath for your lashes. Proper cleansing of the eye area is essential for promoting healthy lash lines by preventing conditions caused by product buildup and bacteria. This foaming eye wash gently rinses away makeup, dirt, and oil without weakening the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or risking the retention of your beautiful eyelash extensions,” says the company.

Infinit Clean contains no alcohol, which means it does not irritate the sensitive area around the eyes. The product is, according to Infinit, lightweight and oil free, effective in the removal of eye make-up without damaging lash extension adhesives, helpful in maintaining general eye hygiene and health, and available in an easy-to-use form.

“Before I got this, i would use baby soap to clean my lashes,” says Andrea M., a satisfied customer. “All the lash techs I went to said it was a good alternative to use, but I didn’t think it was helping because, within a week, I would need a fill. I looked through Amazon and found this product—and it’s so good! My retention is way better than before, I don’t need a fill after a week anymore.”

Infinit is a supplier and producer of a variety of beauty products. They have been a part of the “lash community” since 2010, having spent the last nine years working with clients, taking classes to remain informed on the latest trends and techniques, and teaching their own techniques and standards to dedicated teams at their many locations in addition to trying out many different products. Over the years, Infinit has worked with a number of manufacturers to create a product line they could eventually share with other professionals.

Contact Tasha Land of Infinit today to learn how to clean eyelash extensions, buy new sets, and browse their other products. The company can also be reached via their social media channels.

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