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About Us

We are Velluto Tech Incubator, an elite team founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011. We build cloud-hosted software that helps businesses win new customers online.

For the first few years, we focused mostly on Search Engine Optimization in all types of different niches. We learned the ins and outs of how to rank just about anything in Google, and built awesome software to help other people do it too. Over 1,000 businesses use our software to run their marketing.

Now, one of the easiest ways to rank in Google is to submit a press release, and over the years, we tossed around the idea of starting our own Press Release distribution service. We like to do things a certain way to ensure great results, and most distribution companies just don't do things the way we feel they should be done.

For instance, pages on certain legitimate news sites (such as Yahoo! or Digital Journal) rank better than just about anything. However, most press release firms charge over $500 per release to get that level of distribution. We didn't think that was a great price, especially considering how often we were buying them. So we developed our own relationship to distribute to these outlets and made that much more affordable for our clients.

When our customers get results, our own business succeeds. If that means we have to sell premium services at a discount, so be it. Our goal was to start from scratch and put together a press service that works really well for a reasonable price. But it doesn't end there.

We threw in some other stuff, too, along the way. Like our awesome keyword tool that we've been actively developing for over 5 years. And automatic, client-friendly reports. We put together a professional team of US-based writers, since many people don't like to write their own. And account reps that you can call on the phone at any time, who are smart and caring and actually give great advice. Just call us up, we'll be happy to look at your results and offer technical advice.

Long story short, we built Press Advantage to be the most done-for-you press service that WE always dreamed of.

We hope you like it, too.

Bobby MacDonald