Infinit Lash Products Discusses What Eyelash Glue Lasts The Longest

April 15, 2019
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Infinit Lash Products in Del Mar, California recently published a post that discusses what eyelash extension glue is best for long-term performance. The company provides a wide range of lash extension products for salon professionals, and states that this information is important for those who want to give their clients the best possible lash extension experience.

Tasha Land, a representative for the company says, “Some clients only want their lash extensions to last for a particular event or occasion, but for those who want those lashes to stay in place for longer terms, there are certain adhesives that are better than others. Even if a client only wants her lashes for the evening, lash professionals need to know what adhesive will keep those lashes in place.”

Land says that the company often provides regular information for salon professionals to help them to better serve their own clients. The company provides lash extensions as well as adhesives and removers that are all tested to ensure their high quality.

“We often get asked questions like ‘What eyelash glue lasts the longest?’ from our customers,” Land states. “We do offer a wide range of products, and each of those offers its own benefit. Our goal is to help eyelash professionals to have access to the best quality products and to provide them information that will help them to choose and use the best products for their own businesses.”

Land states that Infinit Lash Products has spent the better part of the past 10 years testing all of the products that they offer and working with various manufacturers of products to ensure that their inventory is filled with only the highest possible quality of supplies for eyelash professionals. She states that anyone who needs more information on any of their products can find that information on their website.

Land adds that there are a number of things that must be considered when choosing a long-lasting extension adhesive. She states that longevity is often a major concern, but adds that there are additional products that are available that are easier to remove for those who only want their lashes to remain attached for shorter periods of time.

The company also puts out information about how to choose lash extension adhesives based on the specific needs of clients and has recently released a video on YouTube that explains how to safely and effective remove the glue that holds these eyelash extensions in place.

“Our goal is to ultimately provide professionals with all of the information that they need to better serve their clients,” says Lands. “Through our publications and videos, we hope to be able to better educate eyelash professionals on the best products to use for specific situations, as well as the safest products to offer their clients.”

Infinit Lash Products offers a wide selection of lash extension glue products, as well as removers and other products that are designed for use by professionals. Land adds that all products that they offer have been tested and that through the use of various professional products and working with different manufacturers, the company has developed their own line of lash products, all of which are designed for safe use.

Eyelash professionals who are interested in learning more about how to choose the right glue for lash extensions can visit the company online to view this and other informative posts that they have recently published. Their video is also available on YouTube for those looking for the safest process for removing lash extensions and adhesive.

The company website provides a frequently asked questions page that Land states should answer most questions by salon professionals or consumers who are considering lash extensions. Those interested can visit the site online or contact the company directly by phone or email to ask specific questions. Product and ordering information for all of the products offered by Infinit Lash Products can also be found on the company’s website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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