Can Mascara Be Worn With Eyelash Extensions

April 15, 2019
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Infinit Lash Products is a company that prioritizes making sure that their clients are educated and satisfied from the moment they step onto the premises. Due to this, they take the time to understand how to choose the best eyelash extensions, which eyelash extensions are the best, and how best to take care of them. In order to remain informed and thus pass that knowledge on to their customers, Infinit has decided to finally answer the question: ‘Can mascara be worn with eyelash extensions’.

Certain cosmetic products break down the adhesive used to attach eyelash extensions and some break it down faster than others. Eyelash extensions are often attached using an adhesive known as Cyanoacrylate, which is known as a polar molecule. These molecules are broken down by other polar molecules, which many cosmetics contain in addition to nonpolar molecules—and the ones that contain more polar molecules should be avoided in order to extend the life of one’s lash extensions.

Most people who get eyelash extensions get them to try and add more volume, fullness, or ‘drama’ to their lashes. Sometimes, people want to add even more of the above to their lashes, leading them to layer mascara over their eyelash extensions. For these situations, Infinit recommends water-based, oil-free mascara. However, Tasha Land from Infinit Lash Products states, “I never recommend wearing mascara with volume lashes as it closes the fans. If a client chooses to use a lash extension safe mascara, they need to be gentle when removing it so as to not pull out any extensions.”

There are other cosmetic products that people with eyelash extension are encouraged to be wary of. Eyeliner, for example, often contains wax which helps it stick to the skin on the users eyelids, as well as to their lashes. This normally does not present a problem until later, when they want to remove the lashes. Land says, “Removing the pencil liner can cause lashes to be pulled out, as well as leave residue in the lashes even after using a makeup remover. An alternative to using eyeliner is to go for fuller lashes that give the illusion of eyeliner.”

Eye shadow is another cosmetic product that may affect eyelash extensions. Cream and paste eyeshadow products are best avoided as they can dissolve the adhesive bond and make the extensions fall off. Powder eyeshadow is safer since it usually does not touch the lashes.

Makeup removers are usually oil-based and should absolutely be avoided. The polar part of some makeup removers can weaken the bond between the eyelash extensions and the natural lashes which can cause the extensions to come loose. Clients should also be wary of makeup wipes as they can do the same thing. It is usually best to use baby shampoo or a lash cleanser made specifically for eyelash extensions as they are gentle around the eyes but also quite effective at cleaning.

In their collection, Infinit includes mascara options for people with extensions. Their eyelash extension mascara, Infinit Dimension, is safe and perfect for both natural and extended lashes, be they single, cluster, or strip lashes. Infinit’s mascara is contact lens safe and does not harm sensitive eyes. The product is also oil free and water based making, it perfect for people with contact lenses or sensitive eyes. “Our mascara will stay put throughout the day until rinsed away with diluted soapy water or makeup remover. The brush design allows the mascara to be applied evenly and clump free, while lengthening and adding dimension to your lashes,” asserts Infinit. The mascara is produced using high quality ingredients, including beeswax, witch hazel, and chamomile.

Infinit’s mascara has been well received by customers. Tom Sugano in an Amazon review states, “Just used this for the first time over the weekend and absolutely love it! I love having my lash extensions, but I wanted the ability to add a little bit of drama for when I go out for the week right before I get a fill. This Infinit mascara does just that. It stayed put all night and when I went to wash my face, it came right off. My extensions look great, still. Love it!”

More information on Infinit’s lash extension mascara and their other products can be found on their website. Those interested may also contact Tasha Land of Infinit Lash Products to learn more.

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