EMS Offers Grocery Store Payment Processing Solutions

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Cleveland, Ohio -

Cleveland, Ohio based Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is offering credit card processing for grocery stores across the United States. Since 1988, the leading provider of payment processing and merchant services has been helping business owners realize their full potential and develop their financial health.

A representative for Electronic Merchant Systems says, “Grocery stores are an essential part of modern life, and they play a critical role in maintaining the health and well-being of communities across the country. They provide a convenient and accessible way for people to purchase the food and household items they need while helping support local farmers and producers. More than that, grocery stores can also serve as community hubs, offering services such as deli counters, bakeries, and even pharmacies.”

grocery store payment processing

The representative continues, “With how important grocery stores can be, owners have a lot of balls to juggle — Electronic Merchant Systems’ payment processing platforms are meant to take a little bit of the burden off grocery store owners so they can focus on satisfying their customers and make sure they enjoy themselves.”

Electronic Merchant Systems works in concert with small businesses across the country to provide the right payment solutions that help them succeed. For grocery stores, the company offers a range of great point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile payment processing solutions, and fully customizable gift cards, all of which can enhance a store’s appeal and help them succeed as a core aspect of their respective communities.

With the advanced MaxxPay® Pro technology on offer from Electronic Merchant Systems, grocery store owners stand to gain many benefits. These include quick payments, high functionality, an easy to use interface, and a cloud-based back office. MaxxPay Pro's quick payment processing technology allows customers to complete their transactions in a timely manner so they can get back to their busy lives. It also accepts all major credit cards and offers multiple payment options, such as swipe, chip, and contactless transactions. This, combined with the streamlined system and easy to use features, makes MaxxPay Pro the perfect platform for grocery store owners who are aiming to make their lives easier without compromising their business.

EMS also provides Gift & Loyalty programs for grocery stores. As the company explains, such programs are excellent ways to reward repeat customers. Gift cards encourage customer loyalty and entice customers to come back, and they are beneficial to both parties. They are ‘free money’ for the recipient, and they provide a grocery store with increased customer loyalty, higher volume of purchases, and in turn, increased profit and cash flow.

The company’s representative says, “Since we started operations, we have helped hundreds of small businesses — of which many were grocery stores — process payments for over three decades. Today, we are able to use our experience and merchant services to help your grocery store grow and prosper. In addition to an excellent product and unparalleled grocery store merchant services, we also provide 24/7/365 customer support. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We are always just a call away.”

With over 1,000 Google customer reviews and a very positive rating, Electronic Merchant Systems has long proven its excellence in the modern age. Heather G. says in her review, “I have been using this system for only a few days, but it has been so much easier and user-friendly than our previous system. I have had to call the help desk twice, and they have been very helpful and answered my questions both times with no issues. The gentleman that signed us up for the system was so kind and helpful. I do not regret switching at all!”

Rashaad S. says in another review, “I’m truly grateful for this platform. The assistance that Mike took with me made me feel important and valuable. He was patient and completely professional. As someone who doesn’t write many reviews, I had to write this one. Ask for Mike, he won’t let you down. Thanks, my friend! Mike and EMS are the best!”

The EMS website provides more information about the company and the full range of systems and services they offer. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with an agent via phone or email for any questions. Electronic Merchant Systems also maintains a social media presence and can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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About Electronic Merchant Systems :

Established in 1988, Electronic Merchant Systems has grown to become a leading provider of payment processing & merchant services. Electronic Merchant Systems’ mission is to be the industry leader in merchant services and payment processing solutions.

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250 W Huron Rd #400
Cleveland, OH 44113

(800) 726-2117

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