Clean Group Sydney Recognizes the Importance of Thorough Employee Commercial Cleaning Training in Pandemic Time

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Sydney, New South Wales -

Clean Group is a Sydney, NSW company that has worked hard to establish a solid reputation for its office and other commercial cleaning services. Some of that reputation comes from the company’s willingness to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and maintain a high level of customer service at all times. The fact that these commercial cleaners Sydney place a huge emphasis on employee training, has also made them a favorite of many area businesses. Having well-trained employees is something that has taken on even more significance when it comes to proper office cleaning during the ongoing pandemic.

Stephen Matthews, the Sydney Area Operations Manager at Clean Group, says, “We have never been a company that puts a broom and a mop in an employee’s hand the day they start and expect that employee to be able to do proper commercial cleaning work. That’s why all of our employees undergo several days of formal training when they first start followed by many weeks of on-the-job training before they are assigned individual cleaning responsibilities. During the recent pandemic, we have even brought our experienced cleaning personnel in to go over with them the important steps they must take to ensure every commercial workspace that we are contracted to clean is as thoroughly sanitized as possible.”

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The Sydney Area Operations Manager went on to say that there is no such thing as their cleaning personnel being too well trained. This is especially true when the company introduces newer types of commercial cleaning services where thorough training is essential to their employees getting them done the right way. He gave as an example their Covid-19 deep cleaning services that have become so important to help businesses attempt to stay virus-free during the ongoing pandemic. These office cleaners Sydney realize that this is a service that cannot possibly be done right without several hours of detailed instruction. That’s because during these thorough commercial space sanitizing treatments a special electrostatic sprayer is used to coat more than just the top surfaces of objects and surfaces in a workspace. Because their cleaning personnel have been so well trained to do this task, it has taken the effectiveness of their Covid-19 deep cleaning services to a much higher level. Matthews says that their personnel has been well-trained to handle a wide variety of different commercial cleaning situations. Among these are their warehouse, office, retail, strata area, and lobby commercial cleaning services. This also includes the special training that’s required to clean daycare centers, schools, health care facilities, and gymnasiums. He went on to state that all the businesses that contract with them to do commercial cleaning can rest assured that every Clean Group employee that walks through their door has been trained to be very proficient at the type of cleaning they specialize in.

Matthews added that those businesses that are looking to hire commercial cleaning services in Sydney should consider them for more reasons than just the fact that their employees are well trained. It was already mentioned that the company uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and proven environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals. Clean Group Sydney also realizes they commercial cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all task. That’s why they are willing to meet with prospective business owners and managers to come up with a tailored cleaning plan that fits those businesses' commercial cleaning needs and budgets. He added that they have some clients that just like them to clean their bathrooms and break areas for them and others that do wall-to-wall cleaning of their entire operation. They can even do their cleaning work at night when a business is closed or according to another schedule that the client prefers. Clean Groups Sydney also has no problem doing their office cleaning services for a client on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Businesses are also able to avail their specialty cleaning services such as their Covid-19 deep cleans and carpet cleaning services whenever they need them. The Sydney Area Operations Manager added that they are always available during working hours to discuss a business’s cleaning needs over the phone or in person.

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