Clean Group Offering COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control Services for Workplaces in Sydney

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Sydney, New South Wales -

Clean Group, a Sydney-based COVID cleaning company, recently shared helpful advice for environmental cleaning of offices & other commercial premises to prevent and control the COVID-19 infection. Clean Group provides COVID cleaning services and disinfection services to businesses in healthcare and non-healthcare spaces, including offices, government buildings, gyms, hospitals, schools, strata buildings, childcare centres, etc. to help keep people safe during the pandemic.

“The government of NSW health department has recently issued detailed guidelines for environment cleaning in workplaces to prevent and control the virus infection. Our customers would be glad to know that Clean Group’s COVID cleaning practices and methods are already in line with the government’s guidelines. We clean and disinfect commercial premises ad provide both basic precautionary disinfection and full decontamination services. Contact us to know more,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

According to the NSW gov guidelines, the COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces for some time, and it’s possible to eliminate the virus with proper cleaning and disinfection. The government has also provided a list of disinfectants that are found effective in the removal of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Clean Group provides industry-leading COVID cleaning and disinfection services. Their cleaners use what is called the Virus Shield disinfection technique that involves the use of an Electrostatic sprayer and a TGA-approved disinfectant. The method is found effective in eliminating up to 99.99% of germs from surfaces. It is best suited for COVID cleaning in commercial and industrial premises. For the cleaning of such premises, Clean Group uses a special team of trained and selected cleaners who are equipped with PPE kits and other safety equipment.

“We clean for COVID in two stages. It is important to clean the surface first to remove any dirt and grime from it, as it might hamper the disinfectant’s performance. After the cleaning of all areas and surfaces in a facility, our cleaners will completely disinfect the place with a focus on high-traffic areas and touchpoints, including door handles, lift buttons, light switches, phone receivers, desks, etc.”

For the cleaning of minimally touched surfaces like floors, ceilings, walls and blinds, detergent and warm water along with a clean cloth are perfect. However, to remove germs from frequently touched surfaces & areas, cleaning followed by disinfecting works best. For disinfecting residential premises, any TGA-approved disinfectant can be used to disinfect by hand. But, commercial disinfection is a rather complex job and doing it by hand can be both inefficient and unsafe. This is where professional cleaning companies like Clean Group come in.

“When cleaning a commercial facility like an office, the following things should be covered,” points out Suji Siv.

Office carpets should be cleaned regularly and vacuumed using a HEPA-fitted vacuum cleaner. For such cleaning machines, the filter should be changed at regular intervals or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. For mopping of surfaces likes desks, kitchen counters, keyboards, etc., clean cloths must be used and replaced regularly. A professional office COVID cleaning company can provide the best equipment for effective cleaning of large premises. When selecting and using cleaning products, including disinfectants, special care must be taken so as to not buy/use products with harmful toxins.

Misting or fogging is not a recommended commercial COVID cleaning & disinfection method, according to Safe Work Australia (SWA). Clean Group’s Virus Shield method is based on spraying and the machine is designed such that the disinfectant will only fall on the intended surface and will not affect the air or the environment. Moreover, the disinfectant they use is certified safe for humans and the environment. The use of the electrostatic machine ensures the sanitiser particles effectively cover the entire surface, including the hidden backsides, and remove all traces of the virus.

For commercial premises that are used by a large number of people daily, routine commercial cleaning followed by disinfection of frequently touched surfaces is highly recommended. Moreover, hand sanitiser stations must be installed and used at all entry points and in toilets/bathrooms. In shared spaces like offices, toilets, staff rooms, lifts, special attention should be paid to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. Also, one should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth frequently and wash their hands regularly, especially after using a toilet and before & after eating.

For complete COVID cleaning solutions in Sydney, contact Clean Group for affordable onsite quotes.

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