Cost of COVID Cleaning Services Sydney Unveiled By Clean Group Sydney

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Sydney, New South Wales -

Clean Group Sydney, one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in New South Wales, Australia has answered all the queries related to the Cost of COVID Cleaning Services Sydney. They answered all the queries during the webinar they are hosting under their Covid-19 awareness campaign.

It has been observed that the company is continuously hosting training and awareness programs along with managing all the service requests they receive during this period of the pandemic. As per their CEO, Suji Shiv, they are putting some extra effort during this time to make everyone aware of all the risks, precautions, and correct ways of wearing protective gear.

COVID cleaners Sydney

Suji Siv said, “As a reputed cleaning company with hundreds of customers it is our responsibility to share the correct information to everyone who is looking for valid sources of information. We have started this campaign to deliver valid information to everyone. People who want to join this webinar can visit the official website. In this webinar, we are also explaining the correct way of cleaning and our Covid-19 Cleaning services.”

The Covid-19 Cleaning services of Clean Group, Suji Shiv has mentioned in this webinar is a dedicated cleaning service launched by Clean Group. This service includes regular cleaning, deep cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, training and certification as well.

Suji Siv said about their Covid-19 Cleaning Services: “We designed this comprehensive service especially for businesses and commercial properties but it will also be suitable for residential and strata properties. By hiring us for Covid-19 Cleaning Service you don’t have to wander here and there in search of people or companies who provide these services. By combining all together we are not only making all the services affordable but also helping people to stay safe from Covid-19 infection. However, people are not fully aware of the costs of Covid-19 services thus maintaining distance.”

He further explained the cost of COVID Cleaning Services Sydney and how the cost gets decided. As per the provided details in the webinar, the cost of Covid-19 cleaning is not as much as people think. The final cost depends on various factors like the size of the area, the number of cleaners required, the schedule of the cleaning, time is taken, the product, equipment, and taxes. The cost of Covid-19 cleaning varies from company to company and area to area. However, it has been observed that some companies add charges for unnecessary things, which are not even mentioned in the guidelines, thus business owners need to choose a company carefully.

In the webinar, the CEO of Clean Group also answered some of the queries of viewers, When asked about the changes they have made in their services, he said, “We trained our teams according to the latest guidelines, provided them with proper supplies, and ensured that our customers get the best protection against this the virus. We made amendments in our methods, added detail in our tasks, added protection gears, and we included some powerful tools and products. With these efforts, we were able to provide cleaning services even during the peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Clean Group is a Sydney-based reputed commercial cleaning company known for providing quality commercial, residential, industrial, and strata cleaning services in and around Sydney, NSW. The company has all the resources including tools, equipment, machines, cleaning/ sanitizing/ disinfecting products, and to handle all, a team of well-trained professionals. Who knows their job and the art of cleaning.

Clean Group Sydney is well aware of all the methods, techniques, and tricks of cleaning and they are also up-to-date with all the guidelines. The company also explained the process of their Covid-19 Cleaning Service. First, the cleaner will do regular cleaning of the entire area and all surfaces, then a deeper cleaning will be performed. After completing cleaning tasks, cleaners will use disinfectants to make high-touch surfaces completely virus-free. The rest of the work will be done by sanitizing spray. However, professional cleaners are necessary to do all the work while maintaining safety. We offer Commercial COVID cleaning, Childcare COVID cleaning, Medical COVID Cleaning, Warehouse COVID cleaning and Strata COVID cleaning.

Anyone looking for professional cleaners for a COVID-19 cleaning service can visit the Clean Group Sydney website and contact them via phone at 1300141946 or email to discuss the cost of a Covid-19 cleaning in Sydney.

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