DC Roofing Of Arizona Answers FAQs About New Roofs

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DC Roofing of Arizona, a Tucson, Arizona roofing company, recently posted a new YouTube video and accompanying article answering some of the most frequently asked questions they have received about new roofs. The video and article seek to help homeowners, who may be looking to replace their old roof or install a new one, make the right decision regarding what kind of roofing they get. The YouTube video can be found at

“’What kind of roof lasts the longest?’ is one of the most common questions people have when they are looking to have a roof repaired or replaced,” says DC Roofing of Arizona. “An average roof is replaced every 20-25 years. Since the roof is the top covering of any building, and is responsible for keeping the elements of weather outside the building as well as a consistent, comfortable environment inside, it is probably the most important—and vulnerable—part of what is known as the ‘building envelope.’”

They add, “Climate and environmental factors are important to the lifespan of any roof. Roofs that are exposed to tremendous heat or cold tend to have shorter lifespans. In commercial or industrial areas, chemicals, exhausts and residue from the manufacturing process can break down most types of roofing materials more quickly than just sun, wind and weather.”

The lifespan of a roof is affected by the quality of care it receives, with well-maintained roofs lasting decades and poorly maintained ones going into decline a lot sooner. The design of the roof and the building it covers also affect how long the roof lasts. Flat roofs, according to DC Roofing, typically do not last very long due to the somewhat limited choice of materials available. On average, a roof will last about 20 years, but they can last as little as 10 years or even over 50 years.

DC Roofing of Arizona is the go-to roofing contractor for many homeowners. By offering high quality, affordable roof repair and installation, the company has established itself as one of the top roofing services in the area. The company is run by David Contreras, who has been roofing for years. One can learn more about the kind of work done by DC Roofing in this press release on flat roof repair.

“I have been roofing since 2012,” says Contreras. “I am proud to say that, during those years, I quickly worked my way up in the trade, from being the ground guy to working my way up to lead foreman at two different companies. I have learned a lot but decided to go out on my own and started DC Roofing from the ground up. We might be a new company, but we are a highly experienced team in the industry. I chose roofing because I have always liked a challenge, and it takes a lot to roof in AZ weather. I take every roof personally and make sure it is done to meet our high standards to ensure quality.”

His passion for roofing started out with him doing side jobs and small repairs, and quickly grew into what it has become today. Now, with his own licensed, bonded and insured company and his own team, he offers quality roof installation and repair to homeowners and businesses in southern Arizona.

A number of customers have left excellent reviews of the work done by DC Roofing of Arizona. One Google review from Eric says, “David and crew were extremely prompt in responding to a quote we needed for a roof repair. He was the quickest to the job, had the lowest quote and was the most professional guy to work with. My aunt was really happy and had him help with some gutter and tree maintenance. Thank you, guys!”

Similarly, Joana says, “David and his team did a great job fixing my roof. They arrived on time and finished everything in a timely manner! They even put finishing touches on the job, like painting the area they fixed so it would match the rest of the roof and trimming my tree to prevent further damage. I would definitely recommend them.”

Those interested can can learn more information here on DC Roofing of Arizona. David Contreras is on hand to answer any further inquiries as well.

DC Roofing installs quality roofs in Tucson

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