Portland SEO's Augusto Beato Unveils Retargeting Strategies

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To properly navigate a marketing sector complicated with new marketing tools and techniques, a sound retargeting strategy is imperative, Portland SEO's Augusto Beato tells small businesses.

"The targeting options should be divergent depending on the social media platforms, being able to reach out customers based on age, income, occupation, or marital status," Beato pointed out.

He prescribes a combination of psychographics, demographics, and behavioral targeting that reaches broad to niche customer segments.

By uploading customer data, marketers should be able to find similar profiles to serve ads to.

Although advertisers are not able to retarget users who viewed the ad but did not engage, this retargeting technique will address a list of people who had actively interacted in some way with the ad and got close to completing the event.

Advertisers could sequence retargeting campaigns or combine acquisition-based ads with a branding strategy.

There should be a feature that utilizes a database of users who have a certain interest in the product or service since that audience is the most likely to convert. They should also exclude customers who have already converted or have shown reluctance to do so by being targeted by a campaign.

Augusto Beato is revealing SEO strategies enhance retargeting efforts of these small Portland businesses due to the trust given to them by their target customers. Consumers and marketers will find these unreleased facts about retargeting for local business very useful.

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