Twin Cities PC Repair Offers Easy Upgrades For the Home Office

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Bloomington, MN based Twin Cities PC Repair recently published a blog post where they talk about easy upgrades for the home office. The blog post touches on some of the most affordable, easy to install and accessible items that a person can buy to greatly improve a home office.

As working from home is becoming more popular in light of the pandemic, many people find themselves opting to avoid the office. Similarly, as ideas about working change, a lot of companies and managers are becoming more open to the notion of having their employees work from home. Fortunately, a few simple upgrades can greatly improve a work-from-home experience, and Twin Cities PC Repair’s article explains what these upgrades are and how they can improve anyone’s work from home situation. See more here: Easy Upgrades For Your Home Office.

“First, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can save you a lot of stress. Although common in the business environment, homeowners may not have thought about one,” says Twin Cities PC Repair’s article. “A UPS allows your computer to keep running in the event of a power outage. Think of the UPS as a backup battery giving you a short window of energy to protect your data. They can also regulate voltage in the event of a power surge. With a UPS, size typically matters: the bigger the battery, the more power it will store. So, consider what technology you’ll want to keep up and running and for how long. Size can also matter with your computer monitor. Working on a laptop can be convenient, but the screen will be smaller. Setting up your home office with a wide monitor can lead to productivity gains. This is especially true for people who like to keep all their files and folders up on their desktops. You can also reduce the time spent scrolling through open windows with a second monitor. That extra monitor may also save you from printing documents and cluttering your desktop with paper.”

The blog post points out that the business environment is going digital, and it recommends the purchase of a document scanner which provides high quality scans of multiple pages at once. For those who spend many hours at their desk, Twin Cities PC Repair recommends a standing desk that allows the user to convert their desk from a sitting position to standing and back. This can help them keep energy levels up and reduce the stress on their body from sitting in the same position all day. Ergonomic keyboards can also help — as can better office chairs. Lastly, the post recommends noise-canceling headphones which make it a lot easier to focus on work by removing any of the aural distractions a worker might face at home.

Anyone looking to purchase any of the above items can trust Twin Cities PC Repair to help with the selection of and purchase of the right home office improvement technology. Their IT experts know exactly where to look (and what to look for) when it comes to home improvement technology, and they can provide invaluable advice regarding all kinds of tech. Those interested may visit the Twin Cities PC Repair website at for more information on the services provided by the company.

Twin Cities PC Repair offers a variety of services in the IT sector. Their services include PC repair, virus removal and more. “You’ve found the best place in town for responsive, reliable, friendly and effective residential computer repair,” the company says. “Our expert technicians are trained on the latest techniques to solve your technology problems. Too often, computer users get lured into the marketing of big box stores and franchise chains that care only about their bottom line! We strive to create real lasting relationships with our customers so you know you can count on us as your go-to computer shop.”

Twin Cities PC Repair stands apart from its peers as a result of its to-the-minute labor billing, guaranteed satisfaction or no pay policy, friendly and honest communication and team of professional, certified technicians. Twin Cities PC Repair is also locally owned-and-operated. Anyone can learn more about the company on their website.

Patrick Jensen (Owner)

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