FRoffice Coworking Announces Changes In Its Facilities To Protect Against COVID-19

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FRoffice Coworking is a shared office coworking space that caters to the professional workforce in and around Budapest. The company has announced that it is taking proactive steps to protect its facility and customers against the dangers of the novel coronavirus. This initiative includes renting out fewer spaces, following social distancing norms, providing hand sanitizers, regular deep cleaning, and more. This overhaul comes in anticipation of a second surge of coronavirus cases in Hungary following the ending of the COVID-19 restrictions.

There have been over 4000 reported coronavirus cases in Hungary at the time of writing. 573 of those reported cases have died. Budapest is the biggest hub of the disease in the country with almost 2000 cases identified by the third week of June. In response to the rising severity of the disease, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was granted extraordinary powers along with instituting a state of emergency. This emergency and lockdown have had an adverse effect on the economy of the country. Even though the government authorized a $30 billion stimulus package, the export-oriented economy of Hungary which is centered around foreign trade is going to take some time to bounce back due to the current state of world events.

Meeting room in FRoffice Coworking

FRoffice Coworking is preparing for the reopening of the workforce by enforcing strict guidelines for its space. The spokesperson for the company said, “We will be enforcing all of the measures suggested by the WHO for workplace safety from COVID-19. All employees at the facility will be trained for their new responsibilities. All the staff will be asked to carry personal protective equipment while on-premises. The janitorial staff will be trained to disinfect all surfaces thoroughly along with proper hazardous trash disposal techniques. The security and management staff will be asked to strictly enforce the face mask policy. Any facility user found to be sick will be asked to isolate and to consider working from home. Temperature checks will be made routinely. We are confident that the systems we put in place will be sufficient to protect our customers from the attack of COVID-19. We are confident that we can keep FRoffice Coworking a safe and healthy space for everyone.”

FRoffice Coworking offers rental space for coworking along with specialized spaces like meeting rooms, coaching rooms, and workshops. They also offer facilities like equipped kitchen with appliances, restrooms with a shower, community area, air conditioning, and cleaning on demand. The facility is secured with security cameras and alarm systems and lockable safes. Business infrastructure like IT instruments, flip-chart, and a robust Wi-Fi network is also provided. The office floor plan is described as free-flowing, airy, and open. The company claims that the design promotes creativity and collaboration amongst team members.

The company offers many rental options that cater to everyone from solo freelancers and bootstrapped entrepreneurs all the way up to organizations with a large number of employees. FRoffice Coworking offers flexible plans to suit teams of various sizes. They have offices and meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people. The minimum time interval for booking a unit varies from 1 hour to 5 hours depending on the type of booking. The maximum time for which a unit can be booked is 1 year. Solo freelancers and entrepreneurs can also rent single workstations. All the bookings can be made conveniently on call.

FRoffice Coworking also offers discounts for longer bookings and prepayments made on the entire sum. They also offer office space rental packages which include workstations and a fixed number of preallocated meeting room hours every month. For booking a space at least 50% of the booking amount is required 48 hours prior to the booking time slot as a reservation fee. In case of cancellations, at least 2 weeks’ notice is required for a full refund or a 48-hour notice is required for a partial 50% refund. Refunds can’t be availed if the notice period is less than 48 hours.

The office is located in Budapest, Lehel u. 14, 1134. Customers can reach them on the phone at 06 30 202 5600 or via email at

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