FRoffice Coworking Spaces Now Available in Budapest

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FRoffice Coworking, based in Budapest, Hungary, has revealed that they are now offering coworking spaces in the capital city of Hungary with these offices in strategic locations. These are locations in a less crowded part of Budapest that allow easy parking and have access to good public transport. For those who are not Hungarian, it may be advisable to know that "közösségi iroda" means coworking office. Also, it is important to note that an English version of their website is currently being developed. In the mean time, those who are interested in these coworking spaces but don’t speak Hungarian don’t have to worry when calling them up on the phone because English speakers will be responding to calls.

A spokesperson for FRoffice Coworking says, “Our coworking office spaces are not just a comfortable and modern workplaces. Working together and having a sense of belonging gives every business an extra experience that greatly contributes to creativity, a profitable business, and makes it easier to overcome problems. Here, both freelancers and micro-businesses find what they are looking for in an ideal workplace.”

FRoffice Coworking - coworking space

The coworking office spaces being offered are flexible. They have offices, meeting rooms, and workstations that are available for rent on 257 square meters, with capacities ranging from one to 20 coworkers, and time intervals from one hour up to one year. Also, it is easy to cancel or modify reservations.

These coworking office spaces that have been announced as available have been ensured to be comfortable for everyone. They are equipped with restrooms with shower, kitchen with appliances, air conditioning, and community area. Cleaning on demand is available for the convenience of the office space users. They are also provided with IT instruments, business Wi-Fi network, and flipcharts. They are also secure because of the provision of lockable safes, security cameras, and alarm systems.

These coworking office spaces are also practical because they are in a central location and they offer easy access to public transport like the subway M3, trams, buses, and trolley buses. The restaurants and food market are also within walking distance.

Also offered is a broad range of rental schemes. These include office space with 6 to 10 workstations; single workstations for rent for a duration ranging from five hours to one year; coaching; and meeting and therapy room for rent on a fee-per-hour basis. The services they offer include meeting rooms, office/coworking offices for rent, coaching rooms, and spaces for workshops, training activities, or events.

The coworking office spaces provide a lot of flexibility because people can rent a workstation for just a few hours or can rent an office for a whole year. People can move their desk freely. And for those who want to stay late at night or on weekends, they have a gate-coded system that allows people to stay for hours without a problem. It is also easy to change rental dates and dogs are also allowed in the offices.

These spaces are provided with comfortable and practical office furniture. There is a communal area, a fully equipped kitchen, washbasins with showers, and air conditioning. These office spaces are housed in a trendy historic and periodically restored building. The meeting rooms are provided with professional office equipment, flipchart, and large-screen TV. A secure, stable and fast business Wi-Fi connection is also provided to maximize work efficiency.

These coworking office spaces are appropriate for start-ups, micro-businesses, and freelancers. While these enterprises may operate in a residential property, having access to a well-equipped office complete with other facilities like meeting rooms offer a significant advantage. A coworking office is a spacious, bright and seamless space where a number of small companies and freelance professionals work side by side.

People who are interested in a coworking space in Budapest can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. Those who don’t speak English don't need to worry about calling them on the phone because they have English speakers ready to respond to such calls.

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