Forest & Ray Offers Private Wisdom Tooth Extraction in London

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London, England -

Forest and Ray - Dentists, Orthodontists, Implant Surgeons, which is based in London, UK, is offering private wisdom tooth extraction for patients from London and surrounding areas. Wisdom teeth, which are also called third molars, are the last ones to develop and they typically appear when people are in their late teens or early twenties.

The issue with wisdom teeth is that there is usually insufficient room in the jaw for them to grow normally, which makes them incorrectly aligned. In some instances, the wisdom teeth will continue to be under the surface, growing at an angle towards the front of the mouth. This results in the wisdom tooth pushing against the second molar. At other times, the wisdom tooth only partially breaks through the gums, which makes it difficult to clean them. This can result into cavities in the wisdom teeth, which can quickly spread to the other molars. For those who experience these situations, it would be a good idea to schedule a dental appointment.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A spokesperson for Forest & Ray - Dentists, Orthodontists, Implant Surgeons says, “Private wisdom tooth extraction can be a surgical operation to remove one or more wisdom teeth — the four permanent adult teeth located in the upper and lower rear corners of your mouth. If a wisdom tooth lacks space to erupt (impacted wisdom tooth) and causes discomfort, infection, or other dental issues, it will likely need to be extracted. The extraction of wisdom teeth may be performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon.”

They want to point out that extraction of the wisdom tooth is only possible when it is not inflamed. If it is inflamed, the dentist will usually provide temporary pain relief and once the inflammation has subsided, they can proceed with the extraction. If the wisdom tooth is completely erupted, the extraction can be done by a general dentist. The extraction can be done fast under local anesthesia. However, if the wisdom tooth is growing irregularly, is angled toward or away from the neighbouring tooth, or is positioned horizontally, the extraction will have to be done by an oral surgeon. The surgeon will open the gum, extract the wisdom tooth, and then stitch the wound closed. This process is also painless and will also be usually done under local anesthetic.

The wisdom tooth extraction by an oral surgeon will usually require several steps. First, an incision is made in the gum to reveal the wisdom tooth and bone. Second, the dental surgeon will remove the bone that is obstructing access to the root of the wisdom tooth. Third, the wisdom tooth is partitioned into sections, which allows it to be easier to remove the tooth piece by piece. Fourth, the dental surgeon extracts the wisdom tooth. Fifth, the place where the tooth was extracted has to cleaned of any debris from the tooth or bone. Sixth, the dental surgeon will stitch the wound closed to ensure faster healing, but this may not always be required. The seventh and final step is to put some gauze over the extraction site to control bleeding and to assist in the creation of a blood clot.

Started in 2007, Forest & Ray is found in Central London and is strategically located because it is only a few minutes walk away from the British Museum. They provide conservative dentistry, orthodontic services, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. They are committed to delivering the best quality dental care at competitive rates. They are committed to developing a good personal relationship with their patients and promoting that type of relationship in an environment of care. Patients can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, and they carefully itemize the different options so that patients can make the correct decision as to the services they really want.

Those who are interested in scheduling a consultation or would want to know more about wisdom tooth removal and other services available can visit the Forest and Ray website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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Forest & Ray is a dental practice located in the heart of London, operating since 2007. We believe that our dentistry plays a leading role in making dental health attainable for everyone. Health and dental health are not a luxury anymore.

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