Sacramento Tree Professionals Introduces a New CEO

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Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, California - After the former CEO retired late last year, Sacramento Tree Professionals introduced the new CEO earlier today.

"The former CEO will always be remembered for his immersive contribution to the company's growth," said the Sacramento Tree Professionals manager. "He used all his ability and resources to ensure that Sacramento Tree Professionals was always running smoothly. His departure had a significant impact on all employees and management. However, that was the best thing Sacramento Tree Professionals could do for him because his old self needed to rest."

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"After his retirement," continued the manager, "Sacramento Tree Professionals had to get someone to fill the gap. The search was successful, as today Sacramento Tree Professionals boasts the most competent CEO."

The manager revealed that the new CEO was working as the CEO of a different tree care company in Texas earlier.

"What makes Duygu Bagdu —the new CEO—competent enough to take up the CEO role is his long experience working as the CEO of a different tree care company based in Houston, Texas," said the manager.

Reportedly, Duygu Bagdu had quit his former job to return to his family in Sacramento and was willing to take up jobs around Sacramento.

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"When Duygu came for the interview," said the manager, "he revealed that the main reason for leaving his former job was to return to his family here in Sacramento."

The manager also revealed that Duygu Bagdu holds a master's degree in public leadership.

"Apart from his experience," said the manager, "Duygu Bagdu has a good educational background. As a CEO, he is expected to act as a leader, and luckily, Duygu Bagdu holds a master's in public leadership."

The manager then allowed Duygu Bagdu to address the journalist gathered at the Sacramento Tree Professionals' offices.

"I am greatly humbled for the chance to be associated with the best we have here in Sacramento and the entire neighborhood," said Duygu Bagdu. "It has always been my dream to work with Sacramento Tree Professionals. I have yet to believe that the dream is over and reality is here. I am willing to invest my all to ensure that the whole team is impressed with what I offer the company."

"In my first 100 days in the office," continued Duygu Bagdu, "I'll take the employees in groups to Houston, in the company I was working with previously. I believe there's a lot they can learn from my previous team. After learning from the best in Houston, Texas, Sacramento Tree Professionals will be in a position to offer exceptional tree care services."

"Also," added Duygu Bagdu, "I will discuss ways to help reduce tree care service charges with my new company team."

"I already have some strategies that worked in my former company," confirmed Duygu Bagdu. "I hope to implement these strategies after a discussion with the Sacramento Tree Professionals team."

The manager revealed that Sacramento Tree Professionals would be updating the homeowners on all the progress made by the company via its media room.

"You have heard it from the horse's mouth," said the Sacramento Tree Professional's manager taking the microphone from the new CEO. "From what he has said, he is clearly on a mission to take Sacramento Tree Professionals to a higher level. Sacramento Tree Professionals will share with homeowners every move made by the company beginning today through the company media room."

The Sacramento Tree Professionals office is at 5815 Muldrow Rd Sacramento, CA 95841. Homeowners can also reach out to the company by calling +1 916-713-3925 or emailing

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About Sacramento Tree Professionals :

Sacramento Tree Professionals is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Sacramento County.

Contact Sacramento Tree Professionals:

Duygu Bagdu

5815 Muldrow Rd
Sacramento, CA, 95841


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