Sacramento Tree Professionals Implements New Tree Pruning Techniques to Promote Healthy Growth

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Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, California – A company whose priority in tree care is trees’ health, Sacramento Tree Professionals, earlier today revealed that it had improvised new pruning techniques that enhance healthy tree growth.

“When done correctly,” said the CEO, “pruning creates more beautiful and healthy trees. What else? Healthy pruning also increases trees’ lifespan and productivity in fruits. On the other hand, unpruned or poorly pruned trees are safety hazards that endanger people and properties. Who wants to miss all the advantages of good pruning and have to deal with unhealthy trees? No one. For this reason, Sacramento Tree Professionals found it wise to implement pruning techniques with zero chances of hurting the tree.”

Stump Removal

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The CEO insisted on orchard pruning being different from landscape pruning.

“Orchard pruning can’t be the same as landscape pruning,” said the CEO. “The reason for pruning in an orchard is to maximize economic returns with increased fruit production and stipulate early fruit production. On the other hand, landscape pruning is intended to maintain a tree's natural form, health, and longevity as well as reduce hazards that develop from poor pruning and unrestricted branch growth. In rare cases, trees on landscapes are pruned to reduce their size (suggests that the wrong tree was planted on the landscape). Therefore, for the two spaces, a different technique will be used depending on the reason behind pruning.”

The CEO then shared a few implemented pruning techniques and promised to update the rest at the Sacramento Tree Professionals media room.

“To cut large limbs,” said the CEO, “the team will be using 3 cuts. The first cut will be into the underside of the limb, and the second one several inches top-down from the first one, cutting until the branch breaks away. Now that the branch weight is already removed, the third cut will remove the remaining stub, ensuring a clean wound that will be then treated to eliminate the chances of infection.”

“To remove V-shaped crotches that threaten tree health and pose as a safety hard,” said the CEO, “the team will have to remove the least desirable limb. The team will cut upward at a 30 degrees angle, completing the cut at the collar point. Removing the least desirable limbs will offer the other branches a chance to grow and become healthier.”

“These are just two out of the 8 new techniques that have proven very effective,” said the CEO. “For the rest, 6, the company will update the newsroom in a short while. As time progresses, the team will keep implementing new techniques to ensure trees in Sacramento are 100% healthy.”

The CEO lastly urged homeowners not to do pruning on their own under whatever circumstances. He also confirmed that for homeowners in Sacramento and its suburbs, Sacramento Tree Professionals will save them from pruning stress, if they placed bookings with the company.

“Never carry out tree care procedures on your own,” insisted the CEO. “When this is said, tree pruning is not an exception. In fact, tree pruning is associated with higher risks compared to the rest. Therefore, homeowners should leave pruning to certified tree care professionals, so their trees won’t suffer from pruning stress and also for their safety. For the homeowners in Sacramento and the entire region, they should be grateful because Sacramento Tree Professionals is here and ready to save them from all that pruning stress. All that is required of them is just to reach out to the company, through the medium of their choice, and in response, they will get the high-level services they need.”

Sacramento Tree Professionals is located at 5815 Muldrow Rd Sacramento, CA, 95841. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 916-713-3925 and

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About Sacramento Tree Professionals :

Sacramento Tree Professionals is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Sacramento County.

Contact Sacramento Tree Professionals:

Duygu Bagdu

5815 Muldrow Rd
Sacramento, CA, 95841


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