American Flags Available For Flag Day

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For those who need an American flag to fly on Flag Day, which will be held on June 14, 2022, Star Spangled Flags can help by providing flags, flagpoles, mounts, and more. Barry, a spokesperson for Star Spangled Flags says: “We offer a wide selection of premium American flags, from our heavy-duty, polyester flag to our bright, nylon American flag. All flags have embroidered stars and lock-stitched stripes, with quadruple stitching on the fly end. The best part is that all of our flags are 100% Made in USA, with American materials and labor, backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.” See some of their most popular options here:

Those who have the opportunity to examine these flags in person will observe that they boast several strengths. The Nylon Embroidered and Polyester Embroidered American Flags, for instance, are designed to fly in all weather conditions while retaining their visual appeal and integrity for extended periods. Many customers have been known to fly this flag throughout the year, only taking them down for severe weather. Some customers who fly their flags 24/7 reported that their flag lasted a few years before any fading was observed, and careful use and maintenance can lengthen this period by a considerable margin.

Star Spangled Flags

Additionally, since most flags are displayed outdoors, the fabric is scientifically manufactured with ultraviolet treatment to resist sun and chemical deterioration. This helps preserve their beautiful colors even in strong sunlight. More details can be found on this page.

Customer Scott K. says of the flag they purchased, “Absolutely no complaints. Great price, great shipping, packed very well. Beautiful, very well-constructed flag. Picked the nylon over the polyester for the extra little glow. Looks beautiful in the spotlight at night. I expect it will last a long time. Proudly fly it all the time as every American should do. Thanks much, love it!”

Notably, the American Flag is not the only option that stands up to the company’s high standards. Jon K. says, “I was twice delighted with my order. First, I was informed that one of my flags (the Christian Flag) was out of stock and would take six weeks for delivery. Because I wanted the quality I expected from Star Spangled Flags, I agreed to wait. But then the back-ordered flag came in less than a week. The second delight was to find the quality of the flags delivered was far more than I anticipated. I am thoroughly satisfied and gladly state my complete endorsement for Star Spangled Flags!”

Customers routinely post reviews that confirm these comments, praising the flags’ appearance as well as their durability. Star Spangled Flags takes great pride in the craftsmanship of their flags, and they are always eager to hear back from their customers.

These exceptionally crafted flags sold by Star Spangled Flags can be found on Amazon as well. Customers can browse either that website or the company’s own website to find the flag they want. Either way, they are guaranteed to receive a flag that they will be proud to fly.

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About Star Spangled Flags :

Star Spangled Flags was established to produce and provide a reliable and high quality source of truly Made In USA American, State, and Military flags. They offer nylon and polyester flags as well as no-tangle flag poles.

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