Pirate Flag Now Available From Star Spangled Flags

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US flag manufacturer Star Spangled Flags is pleased to announce that the world-famous Pirate flag is now available through their online store. The flag has a printed design of a skull and crossbones, a symbol that is recognizable to children and adults alike. The flag’s sturdy construction means that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor weather while on display. See more about the Pirate flag on their website:

Also known as the Jolly Roger, this 3×5 ft nylon flag is sewn with 210 denier nylon that is treated to resist UV fading. The flag features a white canvas header as well as two strong brass grommets for attaching to a flagpole. Furthermore, no fewer than four rows of stitching are sewn on the fly end, along with reinforced corners, to protect it against fraying in the wind.

Star Spangled Flags

According to tradition, the Jolly Roger (featuring the skull and crossbones symbol on a black flag) was first flown by some pirates during the early 1700s. This was well within what is now known as the Golden Age of Piracy, which is said to be between 1650 and 1730. By the 1720s, this pirate flag was most commonly used among pirates, though other designs were used as well. Today, given that there are no federal laws that prohibit the flying of Pirate flags, many people fly their own Pirate flag either on land or on their boats. Outside US Territorial waters, however, displaying this flag may lead to a boat search by authorities.

Customers buy flags from Star Spangled Flags for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is their 100% made in the USA guarantee. Some customers wish to keep a historical symbol in their home or even fly a flag for fun at parties and other events. Star Spangled Flags says the Pirate flag often falls into the latter category, but their other flags serve many purposes. As customer Thomas B. says, “We received your marvelous flag, and it is waving proudly in the front yard. My wife is a proud patriot, she always wants Old Glory showing stars and stripes to all who pass by our front yard. We are very happy to show such a beautiful product. Thanks so much.”

Star Spangled Flags craft all their products to last, but the company implements several steps beyond their competition to ensure their flags’ construction offers an even greater degree of durability, especially against time and exposure to the elements. This can be seen in a review from Tommy, who says, “About two years ago, we purchased an American Flag from your company. You asked us to let you know about how the flag held up. The flag has held up beautifully! We have never had a flag last this long.”

The review goes on to explain, “We live in Northeast Ohio in the Snow Belt. We get a lot of heavy, windy winters and in the summer, of course, it is very sunny (most of the time.) The flag flies day and night (under light). We used to go through two flags a year at least. Your flag has held up and is just now beginning to fray. My husband and I both come from families with multiple veterans, so we fly our flag with pride…to honor them and our country. Thank you so much for making such a quality product. As soon as we can in the very near future, we will purchase a new replacement flag from your company. In the meantime, we wanted to thank you and your employees for taking pride in your work and producing a quality product.”

Star Spangled Flags makes it a point to offer as many flags as possible through their store, and the Pirate Flag is only one example of the historical flags that the company manufactures. To see more, such as the exceptional Betsy Ross flag or the outdoor Christian flag, visit their online store here. The company is proud to share that all Star Spangled Flags are 100% Made In USA using American labor and materials so that every purchase supports American jobs. Should a customer wish to learn more, they are welcome to email the support team at Star Spangled Flags.

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Star Spangled Flags was established to produce and provide a reliable and high quality source of truly Made In USA American, State, and Military flags. They offer nylon and polyester flags as well as no-tangle flag poles.

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