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June 02, 2020
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Anyone in search of a locally made American flag need not look any further than Star Spangled Flags. Many people have been buying flags that are produced outside the country using foreign materials and foreign labor. Star Spangled Flags, however, produces all of their flags in the United States alone, using local materials and labor to manufacture high quality US flags. Star Spangled Flags believes that United States flags should only be made in America.

“We use only the hardiest thread, so the stars are bright, white, strong and beautiful,” the company says. “You will notice we use lock stitching to prevent unraveling, so your flags’ stitching will hold much longer than other flags that use only chain stitching. We also offer cotton flags for your indoor flag needs. We are often asked the question: should I purchase a nylon, polyester or cotton flag? Our answer is that it depends on where and how you will use your flag. Nylon is by far the most favored flag material due to the fact that our nylon flags fly beautifully even in a very light breeze. Our polyester flags are heavier than our nylon flags and are crafted from strong 2-ply polyester material.”

The flags are designed to endure a variety of adverse weather conditions, such as high winds. Cotton flags are lighter and often used for indoor purposes, but the nylon and polyester flags from Star Spangled Flags are made to withstand almost anything nature might throw at them. All Star Spangled Flags flags are started and finished onsite to ensure both government and military standards are satisfied. As the company says, “Our flag manufacturing procedures guarantee we provide you with unmatchable quality and value when searching for the highest standard in your own American flag.”

The most important difference between Star Spangled Flags and other flag suppliers is the fact that their durable outdoor flags are made in the United States. A large number of suppliers get their flags made in other countries as this is often cheaper or faster. This leads to customers unknowingly purchasing flags that do not meet the standards set by the government and military, flags that are flimsy and wear out fast, and even flags that have the colors in the wrong order or the wrong number of stars. If one chooses to purchase a locally-made flag, however, they not only eliminate the possibility of getting the wrong flag, they are also supporting an American business and, by extension, the American economy and our Country. Star Spangled Flags is an all American business, and one can trust them to produce and sell only the highest quality American flags.

Many customers have left excellent reviews on multiple platforms talking about how pleased they are with their purchases. “I received both of my flags quickly—and wow,” says an Amazon review. “The quality of these compared to any other commercially available flag I've seen is outstanding. I don't know how some people buy American flags made outside of the US, so thank you for recognizing the importance of keeping jobs here. As a patriot and former first responder (who's attended too many LODD funerals), displaying a flag at my home is part of who I am and how I want my family represented in our community, and I'm proud to have your product flying outside my front door. Also, their customer service rep contacted me immediately upon receipt of my delivery just to make sure I was satisfied. Tremendous job!”

There are multiple reviews on the company’s site as well. One customer, identified only as Gramma, shares that their flag, “Arrived on time, in good condition and as described by the seller. Happy with purchase and good seller experience.”

Another review on the Star Spangled Flags site from a customer named Tina says, “Very pleased with this seller and their product. Actually sent me an email thanking me for buying this product. Arrived before delivery due date.”

For high quality United States flags made in the United States of America, get in touch with Star Spangled Flags. The company would be more than happy to help one get their hands on a high quality United States flag. Visit the or their Youtube page for more.

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About Star Spangled Flags:

Star Spangled Flags was established to produce and provide a reliable and high quality source of truly Made In USA American, State, and Military flags. They offer nylon and polyester flags as well as no-tangle flag poles.

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