Iguana Removal 305 Answers: "Do Iguanas Bite?"

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Miami, Florida based Iguana Removal 305 recently published a blog post explaining some of the more common behaviors associated with iguanas, particularly whether they are known to attack people or other animals. The aim of the blog post is to help local residents learn how best to deal with iguanas and teach them to avoid iguanas that are likely to attack them. Iguanas are not the largest lizards in the world, but an aggressive one can easily hurt a person, and so Iguana Removal 305 hopes to educate people in order to avoid any accidents in the future. Learn more here: Are Iguanas Dangerous?

“If you’ve lived in Miami for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed an uptick in the number of iguanas roaming the streets and invading your property,” says the blog post. “This is because the iguana population is exploding and they have no natural predators in the area to control the population. Chances are, you’re going to deal with iguanas in or near your home at some point. As pets, iguanas can be fairly docile creatures. Wild iguanas, on the other hand, can seem unpredictable and even a little scary.”

Iguanas do become a bit more predictable once their behavioral patterns are learned, however. One thing iguanas commonly do is head bobbing. Pet iguanas do this to greet their owners or show gratitude, but this is very different from when a wild iguana does it. Wild iguanas generally feel threatened by the presence of people, and when they bob their heads, it is usually an attempt to establish and show dominance. An iguana that bobs its head while walking towards a person is usually issuing a threat and is very likely to attack.

Another common iguana behavior mentioned in the article is tail twitching. Iguanas sometimes twitch their tails the same way an irritated cat would. This is usually done in addition to other behaviors, such as extending their dewlap flaps or hissing. Tail twitching can signal confusion or distress, and like aggressive head bobbing, is usually a good sign to back off.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding iguanas is whether or not they bite. Iguanas are indeed capable of biting people, and the bite of an iguana can be very painful. They usually bite people or pets in self-defense. By watching for certain movements and behaviors, fortunately, an iguana bite can be avoided. It is usually best to simply get rid of them, however. Read further here: Do Iguanas Bite?

“No matter what, you should treat the wild iguanas on your property with caution,” Iguana Removal 305 says in their post. “Don’t feed them or try to touch them. Don’t ignore them and let them run rampant, either. Instead, look into humane iguana removal services. Getting iguanas off of your property and iguana-proofing your yard and home are key in mitigating the iguana population boom. Iguana behaviors can tell you a lot about what an iguana is feeling, but one thing is always true. Wild iguanas tend to feel provoked by our presence, and keeping your distance is key. Even more important is removing iguanas from your property. If you, like many Miami homeowners, have an iguana problem, contact us today.”

Read the blog post to find out whether these creatures pose a danger to families, children or pets. Iguana Removal 305 is committed to providing reliable iguana removal services. Iguanas are a problem in Miami which requires professional attention and Iguana Removal 305 is the company to handle it.

“Most people have jobs and responsibilities to take care of during the daytime or the hours’ iguanas are active,” the company says. “Therefore, the most effective way to manage an iguana infestation is to partner with experts to help you deal with this effectively. At Iguana Removal 305, we know how to implement solutions to effectively eliminate green iguanas from your Florida property. If you have any questions regarding our services and how we can help you with your iguana problems, send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

Marcos Fernandez of Iguana Removal 305 can be reached regarding any further inquiries. For more information on iguana removal and associated topics, visit Iguana Removal 305 here: Iguana Removal Miami. They are actively growing their business and accepting new clients.

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