Linked In Automation Platform Gets New Face Lift

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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Indianapolis, IN based LinkedIn lead generation platform Kennected has revamped the interface on their website as well as their Cloud Kennect software to better serve their clients. While both these services previously featured interfaces that were already ahead of their competitors, Kennected firmly believes in pushing the pace of innovation on their own terms.

Since its inception, Kennected has positioned itself as a versatile platform that automates lead generation on LinkedIn, which is itself the largest social networking website in the world. While there are alternatives to LinkedIn, no other platform can be considered as much of a household name, even among those who are not actively engaged with the online business community. As such, it is vital for businesses of virtually all kinds to learn how to take advantage of LinkedIn and the vast opportunities it offers.


Kennected, having recognized this early on, developed their platform to help businesses overcome the tedium of manually reaching out to partners and potential clients. This broadly means that their clients can use Kennected’s vast array of tools to automate their lead generation on LinkedIn and reach out to other parties with a minimal team — a single individual is enough in many cases.

Business owners have the enormous responsibility of keeping their business running, so spending hours crafting messages to other parties is a repetitive task that can take them away from other valuable endeavors. Furthermore, this creates a bottleneck that prevents them from scaling up their marketing and outreach efforts, and it can be all the more frustrating and demoralizing as the majority of connections will not lead to a fruitful outcome. As many of the platform’s users have discovered, however, the lead generation tools from Kennected can almost instantly turn this on its head.

One of Kennected’s strengths is that it can simulate the strengths of a human connection, personalizing connection requests and other types of messages in a manner that disguises its automated nature. LinkedIn users are less likely to respond if they believe they are conversing with a bot, so the company is pleased to share that their system enjoys a high success rate of converting leads to prospects. This effectively allows a business to connect with multiple parties simultaneously without the business’ owner’s direct involvement (although they can determine the parameters by which the system connects to other individuals and businesses as well as the general content of their messages and so on).

Kennected is able to automate multiple stages of the marketing chain in this manner, including prospecting, building outreach campaigns, increasing profile views, follow-up messaging and more. When new users join the platform, the team makes it their mission to learn as much as they can about the business in question and develop an initial strategy that the owner can implement at once. However, their ultimate goal is to teach users to utilize the platform themselves — Kennected believes that no one can understand a business better than the entrepreneur who built it, and this makes business owners the ideal people to wield the enormous advantages offered by lead generation automation. As Kennected is proud to say, “We help you leverage LinkedIn automation and focus on selling.”

It must be noted that automation can only go so far before the business owner (or a designated member of their team) has to take over. Kennected can be used primarily to browse through hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of leads at a pace no human being can match. Assuming only 10% of connections turn into customers, this can swiftly become quite profitable at the scale Kennected is capable of. Once a connection has been established, the marketer can take over from the bot and continue the discussion — with the assurance that their personal efforts are much more likely to be fruitful.

Thanks to the revamped interface on Kennected's website and Cloud Kennect software, users can now access their favorite tools even faster and deploy them more effectively. Furthermore, new users will likely find it easier to familiarize themselves with Kennected’s layout and options. Those interested in learning more about the platform and its capabilities, particularly with regard to its potential impact on their business, may direct their inquiries to Devin Johnson of Kennected.

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