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Kennected CEO Speaks at Web Summit 2022 Amidst Highly Positive Testimonials

December 03, 2022
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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Kennected, a company that offers an SaaS-based marketing software for lead generation, is proud to announce that CEO and co-founder Devin Johnson recently spoke at the Web Summit 2022. Recently, they had also proudly announced Kennected's rave reviews that they have been receiving on various platforms, including Issuu, SourceForge, LeadGen, and GetApp. At the Web Summit, Devin Johnson shared the stage with some of the most well-known people in marketing as the conference is about emerging technologies, Internet technology, and venture capitalism.

Devin Johnson emphasized that their lead gen solution can help those who are starting a business by simplifying conversations and making lead flow easy. That is why their software has been such a success because offering a way to simplify things is the foundation of a good business. For instance, Brady and Leslie Huffer provided a highly positive testimonial for Kennected because it allowed them to leverage the power of lead generation in order to transition their side hustle, which is their digital marketing agency Hey Huffers, into their primary career. They said, “In less than a year, Kennected was able to get us enough qualified leads that we could both quit our jobs and run our digital marketing agency full time.”

The Kennected lead generation automation software employs LinkedIn to automate the lead gen process. It is able to do this by using updates or shorter posts that are frequently referred to by many people and what the software does is optimize the number of engagements. This process has been found to be much more effective on LinkedIn compared to the other social networks because the LinkedIn algorithm has a much slower decay. This means that posts stay longer compared to those on other platforms.

The very positive Kennected customer reviews indicated the importance of the different features offered by the Cloud Kennect LinkedIn automation tool, such as: reporting and statistics; messaging; templates; connections; browser extension; import/export; lead quality; lead analysis; lead builder; personalization; search; contact database; user, role, and access management; and prospecting tools. These were noted in the Tekpon platform. Furthermore, the lead gen software was also observed to be most suitable for setting meetings with the business’ target audience through the LinkedIn platform. This tool is recommended for startups, small businesses, freelancers, medium businesses, and even for personal use.

It was also observed that this LinkedIn automation tool makes the marketing tasks easier. For instance, determining the target audience for a marketing campaign is made easier. In addition, it is also easier to start campaigns with follow-ups. The marketer will simply need to put in the sequences for the first, second, and third degree connections, and then enter the follow up messages plus the time delays in between messages to make them look more natural. The Kennected automation tool will then send the correct messages at the appropriate times.

The most notable feature of the Kennected lead gen tool is its ability of automate marketing tasks. This means that it will be doing those marketing tasks even while the marketer or business owner is asleep, eating, exercising, or busy with other tasks. This means that the user gets to save a lot of time, money and effort when using the Kennected lead generation software.

Founded in 2018, Kennected is a software as a service (SaaS) company that develops and offers lead generation tools for automating the tedious marketing process of generating leads. The many years of digital marketing experience accumulated by Devin Johnson, Stephen Twomey, Cody Harvey, Elliott Drake, and Brandon Poplstein served as the foundation for the business. Their primary goal was to develop a solution that was simple and yet more effective than the conventional marketing company services. And they were indeed successful with their lead generation tool that has already benefited more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and businesses in various parts of the world in less than two years.

Those who would like to see why Kennected earns 5 star reviews can go to the Kennected website or contact them through the telephone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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December 03, 2022Kennected CEO Speaks at Web Summit 2022 Amidst Highly Positive Testimonials

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