The Future is Now Kennected and the Era of EaaS

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Indianapolis, Indiana -

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. - Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. In 2023, Kennected will adopt an execution-as-a-service model. The EaaS model streamlines access to tools and services. Kennected is leading the way with its new execution-as-a-service (EaaS) model.

CEO Devin Johnson says the objective is to simplify the process for the customer so that they receive what they are promised. To create a distinct category, Kennected is trying to change how they think about decision-making.

Kennected plans to become an EaaS provider by 2023. This model allows entrepreneurs to access the necessary tools and services without investing in costly infrastructure. It allows them to focus on their best work while the EaaS takes care of the rest. “Kennected knows it’s facing an uphill battle, but the company is tired of confusing names and products," said Johnson. “Kennected wants to develop products that save time and simplifies opportunities.”

The company's leading software, Cloud Kennect, facilitates communication between LinkedIn users by allowing specialized features such as: sending customized messages and automating follow-up responses.

Kennected testimonials speak highly of Cloud Kennect's ability to increase client lead generation significantly. The company has mastered tactical methods to achieve fruitful results for clients as B2B lead generation shifts to online efforts such as social media. In 1993, EaaS creators John and Doug Tatum founded a professional services firm, Tatum, which became synonymous with fractional chief financial officers (CFOs). These part-time executives were hired by companies that could not justify hiring a full-time CFO.

Tatum has grown to provide chief information officers (CIOs), chief operating officers (COOs), and other senior executives. Using EaaS, Johnson hopes companies can avoid the cloudy, muddy puddle of sales enablement. Kennected anticipates that an EaaS model will allow them to focus heavily on first party data next year, with third party tracking becoming obsolete.

Through EaaS, Kennected plans to continue developing products that drive leads, assist recruiters, and increase data for companies. There are several benefits to incorporating EaaS into a workflow, including eliminating search fees by hiring C-level expertise on demand and eliminating contract staffing. A marketing executive with experience can add value quickly, understand the entire picture, keep within budget, avoid political maneuvering, and provide unbiased insight.

Additionally, these employees provide insightful perspectives on technological advances and ensure accurate analytical reports. “Running a business is hard enough,” said president and CSO Cody Harvey. “Prospecting for new clients doesn’t have to be. Kennected aims to create an 'EaaS'-y process for business owners that will yield great results.”

Those interested can learn more about LinkedIn marketing by contacting Kennected or visiting their website. Click here to view Kennected Reviews.

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Kennected is the leading platform for generating leads online via LinkedIn. Scale your prospecting automatically, and start spending more time closing deals.

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