Five Star Kennected Reviews Show Proof of Capability of Lead Gen Tool to Boost Sales and More

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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Kennected, a company that offers an SaaS-based marketing software for lead generation, wants to point out that the observation that Kennected reviews keep coming in 5 stars means their LinkedIn lead gen tool is truly effective in generating leads that allow for an explosive growth in sales. For instance, Devin Johnson, CEO and one of the founders and owners of Kennected, has presented the case of an entrepreneur who started his own brokerage and used Kennected, which provided 70 percent of his lead flow. This allowed him to achieve sales growth that resulted into a million and a half dollars a year in revenue after only two years.

Devin Johnson says, “It's never been easier to generate new leads. Our top-of-funnel solution has you covered from prospect to purchase. Kennected works with LinkedIn Basic & Sales Navigator to make your lead generation efforts simple and automated. Send your connection requests with ease and follow up automatically one-by-one as if you were sending them manually. Finding people from your target audience of potential buyers has never been easier with the existence of LinkedIn. There are around 310 million active users each month, many of whom could use your product or service to solve their problems. Kennected can help you target, connect, and engage with the exact types of people you want to reach.”

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It is easy to see why the Kennected LinkedIn automation software earns rave reviews. This lead gen automation software uses LinkedIn to automate the lead generation process. It takes advantage of the updates or shorter posts that are read by many people and the software maximizes the number of engagements from this. Using the LinkedIn posts offers the best option compared to other social networks Like Facebook, Instagram, or Twittter because the LinkedIn algorithm has a much slower decay, which makes those posts stay up for a longer period of time.

And this LinkedIn lead generation tool is not just used for marketing. It was even used by Dave Vanhoose, one of the founders and owners of Younuts, to find talented people for the franchise, aside from allowing them to boost their sales and save them time and energy. He points out that the software has been a game changer for them and thus, he highly recommends Kennected to business owners and entrepreneurs.

With Kennected, business owners and marketers have been able to simplify and speed up their marketing campaigns as the tool automates the tedious process of looking for leads. First of all, it is easy to choose one’s target audience because LinkedIn is the world’s best database for finding B2B leads. Using its Boolean search feature, it is easy to find the target customers that the business wants to connect with. And, it is also easy to launch campaigns with follow-ups. The user only needs to enter the sequences for the first, second, or third degree connections and put in as many follow up messages as desired and set up the time delays in between them. Kennected will then automatically connect and initiate conversations with the target audience and send follow ups with the set time delay in between to mimic human behavior.

Started in 2018, Kennected is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers lead generation tools for automating and making the marketing process of generating leads much simpler and easier. The company is founded on the many years of digital marketing experience of Devin Johnson, Stephen Twomey, Brandon Poplstein, and Cody Harvey. They had set as their goal to come up with a solution that was simple and yet more effective than the typical marketing company services. The success of their lead generation tool has been instrumental in helping more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and businesses from various parts of the globe experience phenomenal growth in less than two years.

Those who are interested in knowing as to why there is an abundance of five star Kennected reviews, such as the Kennected Cience reviews, can check out the Kennected website or contact them on the phone.

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Kennected is the leading platform for generating leads online via LinkedIn. Scale your prospecting automatically, and start spending more time closing deals.

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