LinkedIn Automation SaaS Company Kennected Launches New Redesigned Site

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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Kennected, a SaaS company that helps business owners and entrepreneurs with lead generation, automation, and education, has launched its newly redesigned website. Kennected's new site underwent months of iteration in layout, designs, and redesigns to represent the growth of the company as well as laying out plans for its current and upcoming K-Suite tools. The new, responsive, and lean website places its most popular products front and center, reducing the amount of time it takes for customers to find out about the value of the company’s products.

When asked about what prompted the company to upgrade its site design, a spokesperson says, “Our aim is to be the premier SaaS company when it comes to education and software for generating sales online. We wanted to showcase our products and services in the fastest and most in-depth way possible without overwhelming the user. Our software is loaded with features that can supercharge a business’s sales and marketing. The challenge was to express all of that power in the limited time that a potential customer has when they are browsing through and looking for the option that best suits their needs. We are confident in our products to know that what we are offering is miles ahead of our competition. We have updated the site design to convey that as efficiently as possible while respecting the time of those who happen to find our landing page.”

The first product highlighted on the website is Cloud Kennect, a LinkedIn automation tool that helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals get more qualified leads in far less time. It replaces the traditional workflow of manual prospecting and supplements it using automation tools that help turn cold connections into sales conversations effortlessly. Using the product is comparable to having a full-time sales development rep booking appointments for the business. The company also offers an industry-leading onboarding process that gives the customer exclusive access to the Lead Flow Mastery education platform. It is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most out of LinkedIn Automation. It comes with more than 30 proven messaging scripts, lifetime customer support, and profile optimization consulting. There is no annual fee and everything is included in a one-time payment of $1497. The training and access module can be paired with a monthly or annual subscription to Kennected Grow and Kennected Ultimate, two packages that give the customer recurring access to features such as unlimited campaigns, integrations with popular software, automated connections safely sent, automated comment targeting campaign, automated likes, automated LinkedIn posting, automated account warmup, auto smart withdrawals, team sync, team blacklist, Kennected video ultimate access, and exclusive monthly training webinar.

The next product highlighted on the website is Kennected Video. The software allows anyone to record highly impactful videos easily at scale. The software has an optimized interface that allows users to easily record videos in pieces that can be added to their own virtual Rolodex for future use. The videos can then be mixed and matched with others using the library’s trim, merge, and edit tools to create customized pitches for different businesses without having to record a video from scratch for every customer that one is prospecting. There are also other useful features such as instant upload and screen capture that allow the creation of business-focused, high-value presentations with ease. The user can also add captions to give the videos some flair. Once the videos are recorded, they can be paired with call-to-action buttons, a custom video landing page, and a customizable media player to engage the viewer and create a distinct brand identity.

The company’s next product Kennected Calendar is coming soon. It is going to be the best option for scheduling appointments that integrates with all major organization software. The product promises smarter calendars that promise automatic syncing with Google Calendar, popular CRMs, and other online meeting platforms. The calendar will also be able to prevent the common problem of double booking as it reads the user’s schedule from multiple sources and consolidates the schedule in one location where it is easier to manage. The software will also have features to allow the user to set boundaries and time blocks by creating margins in the meeting time. The tool will also sync the calendar over multiple timezones so that there is no ambiguity about the scheduled meetings.

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About Kennected :

Kennected is the leading platform for generating leads online via LinkedIn. Scale your prospecting automatically, and start spending more time closing deals.

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