Iguana Removal 305 Offers Services To Local Community

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Iguana Removal 305, based in Miami, Florida, is offering their services to their local community. The company specializes in pest removal and control, with particular expertise in handling iguanas. Given that they are a challenging pest to handle, it is best to contact a professional pest removal company in Florida to help get rid of iguanas. Learn more here: Iguana Living In Miami.

An Iguana’s original habitat is in Mexico, Central and South America (and on some islands, such as the Caribbean and Galapagos). If anyone suspects that they have an iguana problem in their home, it is worth considering their living environment. Iguanas prefer hot climates, so if the property in question is in an area with a colder climate, it is safe to assume that it is not an iguana problem. An iguana’s lifespan is rather long, similar to that of a cat. A person living in Miami may need to hire an iguana removal service to take care of the problem as there is little hope it will resolve itself in a suitable time.

Most people are familiar with green iguanas. Some, on the other hand, have skin which is a bright shade of red, and this particular variety is gaining popularity as a pet. An iguana’s main diet consists of fruits and vegetables, so if fresh fruit or vegetables are left out, it is very likely that this will catch the attention of an iguana. For residents in Miami, a green iguana removal service is recommended. This is also a safety measure as some iguanas may show aggression when approached, particularly male iguanas or those close to breeding age. A professional removal service will be able to handle the situation with minimal harm.

In many situations, a homeowner may need a one-time removal service. Iguana Removal 305 offers several options, including humane removal or dead iguana removal or disposal. Depending on the city, there will be guidelines and regulations on how to legally dispose of an animal carcass. The company will handle the heavy lifting and will handle all the elements related to carcass disposal/removal. For one-time removals, the company also offers iguana removal with a catch pole. In last resort cases, the company will use a special rod, similar to a fishing rod, to lasso the iguanas one at a time. This method is difficult if the iguana is in a tree, and may risk physical harm to the trapper, so the Miami iguana removal service only utilizes this method when all else has failed.

Iguana Removal 305 also offers preventative services which are designed to make iguanas feel unwelcome on a property and will minimize ongoing costs of keeping iguanas away. Tree wrapping is one option, preventing iguanas from climbing up the trees on a property and making themselves at home. Dock piling wrapping is also used in order to prevent iguanas from swimming and climbing up and spoiling a dock. Foliage control, such as having enough separation between trees to prevent jumping and minimizing the availability of fruit trees, can also help prevent iguanas from becoming a regular presence. Fruit trees often have the unintended result of being an easily available snack for iguanas — particular mango or avocado trees. Filling up iguana burrows is also a preventative option. By filling holes and installing metal screens in susceptible areas, anyone can minimize the possibility of iguanas nesting or breeding on their property. It is important to make breeding as difficult as possible as well — one iguana can lay as many as 70 eggs per sitting.

There are many ways to get rid of iguanas. From trapping to the use of landscaping tricks, however, the most they will accomplish is to keep iguanas at bay. They all come with challenges, and it is recommended that anyone with an iguana problem call in a team of professionals to handle it. Iguana Removal 305 offers their customers a free quote in such cases, and they are committed to keeping their community safe and clean.

To learn more about Iguana Removal 305 and the services they offer, interested parties may visit the company’s website. The company can also be contacted via phone or email. They are growing their business rapidly and accepting new clients.

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About Iguana Removal 305 :

At Iguana Removal 305, we are committed to helping you deal with and manage the population of iguanas on your property.

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Marcos Fernandez

111 NE 1st St #8436, Miami, FL 33132


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