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Iguana Removal Services Now Available In Miami

August 25, 2021
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Iguana Removal 305, based in Miami, Florida, is pleased to announce that they are offering iguana removal services to their local community. The company helps handle the overpopulation of the iguanas, which has resulted in them becoming something of a local pest. Learn more here: Iguana Removal Services Miami.

Iguanas are an unlikely candidate when one thinks of invasions. To many people, an alien invasion seems more likely than the 5-foot-long lizards who are now making their presence known in Florida. The recent iguana overpopulation has resulted in the whole state turning into the green iguana’s permanent territory. Those wondering how to handle this unusual infestation are advised to reach out to their local iguana removal company, Iguana Removal 305, for assistance.

The most commonly found variety, the green iguana, is a reptile native to the Americas, and actually exists in a wide variety of different colors. They did not live in the United States originally, but they have slowly crossed the borders from Central and South America, largely due to exotic pet breeders and by accidentally wandering onto boats bound for North America. Florida also faces invasion from two other varieties, namely the black spiny-tailed iguana and the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana. Female iguanas are capable of laying upto 70 eggs, which they keep in large burrows underground to protect them from the clutches of predators. While an iguana’s diet is mostly herbivorous, they do eat insects or bird eggs on occasion. They are usually not hostile creatures by nature and tend to avoid conflict. However, they are in possession of sharp claws and a whip-like tail — which they can use if they feel threatened enough. An interesting fact is that they can regrow their tail if it gets severed. Learn more here: Iguana Control Miami.

One of the contributing factors for the overpopulation of iguanas is that Florida has an ideal temperature for the cold-blooded reptiles to live. A natural culling of the iguana population happened in winter, since the reptiles would enter hibernation, causing many to fall from trees, losing their lives on impact. Due to global warming, these cold temperatures are rarer than ever, providing the iguanas with an ideal climate to thrive. Another plus point for the iguanas is that Florida lacks the natural predators the iguanas face in other parts of the world. The high tourist influx in Florida also means a lot of loose food getting littered around, which provides free meals for hungry iguanas.

Though the creatures are not carnivorous and mostly peaceful, the burrows iguanas dig for their eggs can damage the structural integrity of public structures like bridges and roads and can even block up water canals. They can also burrow into the walls and floors of homes and patios. This leads to the lizards damaging pipes and the foundation of these structures. The iguanas also consume much more vegetation than the natural food chain can provide, depriving other species of the food they need to survive and proving a constant thorn in the side of farmers. An added nuisance is that they leave droppings everywhere, which contain toxic bacteria that can make pets ill if ingested. Learn more here: Iguana Removal 305.

Iguanas are considered an invasive species, which means they can be disposed of humanely in the state of Florida. However, to prevent unnecessary suffering of the creatures and to avoid potential legal battles, it is best left to the professionals, such as the team at Iguana Removal 305. As iguanas are protected by the anti-cruelty law, they have to be euthanized with no cruelty, or humanely killed. Fortunately, the company is able to ensure there is no suffering, especially since they follow the guidelines and recommendations by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The company also offers dead iguana removal and disposal according to the guidelines and regulations on how to legally dispose of an animal carcass. Another option offered is iguana removal with a catch pole. This service involves using a special rod (like a fishing cane) that allows the professional to lasso the iguanas one at a time. It is challenging because iguanas are intelligent and nervous creatures when they notice the presence of someone in their surroundings.

To learn more about the services provided by Iguana Removal 305, customers may visit their official website. The company is actively growing their business client list and can be contacted via phone or email.

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