Betsy Ross Flag Now Available From Star Spangled Flags

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US based Star Spangled Flags is proud to announce that the Betsy Ross flag was recently added to their catalog. The company, which specializes in manufacturing all kinds of flags to exacting specifications, states that this flag is particularly suitable for extended outdoor use. Learn more at the following link:

The Betsy Ross flag is widely considered to be one of the earliest flags in US history, featuring the prominent and world-famous stars and stripes in a noticeably different configuration. While many around the world will be familiar with the modern American flag at a glance, the Betsy Ross flag stands out in that it features a circular pattern of stars instead of rows. Today’s flag also features 50 stars whereas the Betsy Ross flag is adorned with 13. Both have 13 alternating red and white stripes as well.

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Given Star Spangled Flags’ commitment to producing the best flags on the planet (as their website proudly declares), the Betsy Ross flag has undergone several measures in its design phase that help ensure it is as durable as the company’s long-standing customers have come to expect. Those who have an eye for detail will find that this 3×5 foot nylon flag has a bright white header, two brass grommets, lock stitches on the seams and four rows of stitching on the fly end (in addition to reinforced corners) that serve to prevent fraying. Each of the 13 stars is also embroidered directly onto the flag, unlike the flat printed flags that may be found elsewhere. Like every other flag that the company offers, the Betsy Ross flag is specially treated to resist fading from UV damage (sunlight). Those who buy this flag may further notice that it has four rows of reinforced stitching on the fly end.

Along with the lock stitching on the seams, this combination of manufacturing choices means that every Betsy Ross flag purchased from Star Spangled Flags is durable enough for outdoor use. However, the company points out that the sheer beauty of this flag can also be enjoyed indoors, especially since its rich colours will still stand out whether displayed under bright natural light or not. Learn more about the Betsy Ross flag and other historical flags available at Star Spangled Flags here.

One 5-Star review from D. Hill illustrates why customers keep returning to Star Spangled Flags. An excerpt from the review, which was posted for one of their American flags, says, “I am a retired U.S. Army soldier. I have had dozens of ‘American’ flags and other banners over the years. This is the nicest flag I have ever owned. Quality is outstanding. Stitching is precise. Colors are vibrant. Looking forward to flying this for many years to come.”

Another review from E. Carman says, “I gave this as a gift to a friend of mine at work who just recently got his US Citizenship. So, I haven't flown this myself, but the flag looked to be constructed very well. The stars were stitched beautifully. I'm sure he will enjoy this flag for years to come. I can say that the vendor shipped this on time, it was packaged well — small box (rightly sized), and exactly the product I had ordered. Given this, I would be happy to purchase from this vendor again.” Many other reviews of this nature can be found on the company’s Amazon listings.

Notably, the company is extremely proud to state that all Star Spangled Flags are 100% Made In USA, exclusively through the use of American labor and materials. They believe strongly in supporting local communities and giving back wherever possible, and this is only one part of the steps the company takes to pursue these goals. Customers who reside within the United States will further appreciate the fact that the company provides free shipping on all domestic orders.

Customers are welcome to visit the Star Spangled Flags website to browse their extensive selection of flags, including the National, State, Military, Historical and other categories. Each flag listing also offers additional information regarding its creation and usage. Similarly, those interested in ordering their own flags today or learning more about the company’s stringent production standards are welcome to direct their inquiries to Star Spangled Flags via their toll free phone number or through email.

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Star Spangled Flags was established to produce and provide a reliable and high quality source of truly Made In USA American, State, and Military flags. They offer nylon and polyester flags as well as no-tangle flag poles.

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