RGR Abatements Explains Why It is Better to be Safe Than Sorry with Asbestos Removal Calgary

June 22, 2020
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People who are in the market for any type of real estate property need to be aware that asbestos is a serious problem and that any property will need to be evaluated for asbestos prior to purchase, sale, or remodeling. RGR Abatements wants the community to understand that it is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Asbestos.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, asbestos is a fibrous material which was used in building products from the 1930’s to the late 1980’s. It is often found in drywall compound, lath/plaster walls, duct wrap insulation, floor tiles, attic insulation, linoleum flooring, ceiling stipple, exterior stucco, and various other products. It is so common that some people are tempted to just ignore it and not worry about it. This can be a fatal mistake – literally.

Especially in a workplace, not taking this issue seriously and following the required procedures can cause major difficulties in the future and will almost certainly result in asbestos related lawsuits. For that reason alone, if for no other, doing the right thing now and hiring a reputable asbestos removal company is critical. RGR Abatements specializes in testing for asbestos and removal for both residential and commercial properties.

RGR Abatement asbestos’ work includes everything from training industrial staff about asbestos to actual assessment and removal. However, RGR Abatements would like potential customers to consider using separate companies for the testing and removal. There is a good possibility that this in fact might save some money, but having an independent tester evaluate before and after the removal by another company ensures good quality control and avoids any potential conflict of interest.

The health issues that can result from asbestos exposure are no joke. Breathing asbestos has caused serious problems ranging from permanent breathing issues to cancer. It can, in fact, cause death. These health risks are not tenuous, they have been positively proven to result from asbestos exposure.

Just because there is typically a long period of time between initial exposure until the beginning of symptoms does not mean that asbestos in a building can safely be ignored. Lawsuits can be filed at any stage and people who tried to just ignore asbestos have found themselves bankrupted by lawsuits as a result.

RGR Asbestos Removal are experts at dealing with this dangerous material. They are fully insured, including carrying contractor’s pollution liability and are government bonded.

Asbestos should never be disturbed or removed without the proper knowledge, the proper personal protective equipment, and training. Asbestos fibers can get airborne, becoming extremely hazardous to the human lung, and will causing cancer and in many cases even death.

Once asbestos is discovered, action must be taken, and the material must be removed and/or “abated.” When dealing with Asbestos Removal, it is mandatory that the asbestos is removed by a professional contractor prior to any demolitions/renovations that may disturb the asbestos- contaminated material.

RGR has a website which includes quite a few “frequently asked questions,” located at https://rgrabatements.com/questions-answers/. Ken Stryker, a spokesman for the company said, “We offer this sort of information because we care about people – full stop. Even if a reader ultimately chooses another company to work with, we want people to be knowledgeable about the risks of asbestos and to have an idea as to what their options are.”

RGR opened in 2004 and was originally formed by people who were property managers and house “flippers.” They stated that they formed RGR Abatements for one main reason: because they wanted to make abatement charges lower for themselves and for others.

Since then, they have successfully completed over 1500 projects for banks, insurance companies, home builders, homeowners, property managers, commercial and residential managers, and business owners. They state that they take extreme pride in their work and want to make sure it can be completed on time, in a cost effective way, with excellent customer service. For more information, the company can be reached at 403-681-3697 or via email to: [email protected].

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