RGR Abatement Shares Useful Information On Asbestos Removal

September 23, 2019
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RGR Abatements, based in Calgary, Alberta, has published a new blog entry discussing how asbestos may be removed safely, in accordance with state regulations. The company notes that most people are not familiar with how the process works, especially given that asbestos removal is a serious matter that should be approached carefully. With their newest blog entry, they hope to pass on vital information to the community on this subject and provide reassurance that asbestos removal can be completed safely without undue consequences. Read more about asbestos on the company’s website.

Raj Gosal, a representative of RGR Abatements, states, "There is a lot of misinformation around asbestos removal and whether or not it is safe. In this case, we’ve noticed that the attention brought to the subject has served to alarm people rather than raise awareness in a more helpful manner. Through this blog entry, we expect to help clear things once and for all, finally informing our community of the best ways to successfully carry out asbestos removal in Calgary."

asbestos removal

RGR Abatements asserts that the procedure for Asbestos Removal is perfectly safe despite the spread of misinformation—as long as it is carried out by a professional. The chosen contractors must follow certain safety precautions, working with an awareness of their limitations to ensure successful and safe asbestos removal. The company says that, "The key issues to be addressed by the contractor are related to the prevention of health hazards, safe removal methods, air monitoring and cleaning, decontamination, waste control and disposal, and so on. Additionally, several mandatory pieces of equipment must be utilized during the removal and disposal of asbestos. If they take the appropriate safety measures, the process should be rather easy and straightforward, without any risks."

As for the removal procedure itself, the company notes that certain types of asbestos demand more care than others, as they are more fragile and likely to turn into dust. In these situations, the contractors must use dust proof ducts to carry it safely into disposable bags. Other asbestos variants are easier to handle and only require a minimal level of caution, though it depends highly on the immediate environment and the areas surrounding the asbestos deposit. Depending on these factors, other techniques may be employed to reduce the emission of fumes and powder at the removal site. More information on the topic, along with other asbestos removal info, is available on the company's website.

Knowing the importance of hiring an experienced professional, RGR Abatements encourages the Calgary community to perform thorough research on the contractors they choose for the delicate task of asbestos removal. Choosing an amateur for this procedure could lead to catastrophic consequences, such as environmental contamination and serious health risks.

RGR Abatements is one of the most reliable and trustworthy contractors for Asbestos Removal in Calgary, where they are known for their excellence and outstanding attention to detail. The quality of their services is attested by many positive customer reviews, and they maintain a perfect review score of 5/5 Stars.

One of their most recent comments, written by Allison Ker, states, "RGR Abatements was able to come and test our house for asbestos the same day I called with the request. Raj was prompt, professional, fairly priced, and went above and beyond with advice and suggestions on where to test and how to make our house safe for our family."

In another review, Becky Poschmann states that, "RGR Abatements did a great job! I phoned Monday afternoon and Raj was here Tuesday afternoon to take the necessary samples. He provided clarity in how the process would run and the steps that would need to be taken should the test come back positive for asbestos. I would recommend RGR to handle your asbestos testing needs!"

More information on the services provided by RGR Abatements can be found on the company's website, including a thorough description of each procedure they use. Furthermore, they invite prospective clients to reach out to Raj Gosal for a free quote. Read further on the company here: https://www.pressadvantage.com/organization/rgr-abatements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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