RGR Announces Asbestos Abatement Services In Calgary Alberta

June 26, 2019
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RGR Abatements has announced that they are offering asbestos removal in Calgary and surrounding areas. They want to point out that property owners need to be on the look out for the presence of asbestos when they are renovating their home or building. Asbestos was a standard building material up until the 1980s. It was commonly used as a construction material because it is resistant to fire and electricity and it can be cheaply produced. However, it was later discovered that its fibres when inhaled can cause serious diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The problem with old homes and buildings is that they may likely contain asbestos material, which when disturbed can release asbestos fibres into the air. These are invisible toxins that can result into serious health problems when inhaled. It is therefore important to have a professional asbestos abatement service provider to get rid of the asbestos because it poses a great danger to people. Furthermore, asbestos removal is a complicated task and there are federal regulations that must be followed by professional asbestos technicians.

There are six kinds of naturally occurring asbestos minerals and all of them have been found to be carcinogenic to humans. Raj Cosal, spokesperson for RGR Abatements, says, “Asbestos exposure has been linked to numerous health concerns like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Asbestos fibres latch onto lung tissue when inhaled, but don’t cause immediate symptoms. Over time, these threads linger in the body and resist the immune system’s attempts to purge them. Because of its ubiquitous use, asbestos is one of the top workplace health hazards in the world and removal is critical to avoiding long-term exposure.”

The most dangerous asbestos materials are those that have high friability, which is the ease in which the asbestos fibres can be released in to the air. Non-friable asbestos products like certain floor tiles are less dangerous. But friable asbestos materials like those that have been used in ceilings and walls will readily release the fibres into the air through movement or disruption. These asbestos fibres are invisible to the naked eye, which is why it’s advisable to contact a professional if asbestos is present. People may not even realize that they’re inhaling the toxic fibres once they become airborne and symptoms can take years to appear.

Thus, RGR asbestos removal is essential for homes and buildings that have used asbestos construction materials. These are usually found in roofing materials, floor tiles, popcorn ceilings, thermal insulation, joint compounds, and drywall and plaster. Raj Cosal says, “Asbestos removal should be left to professionals, and we offer efficient and timely service to remove contamination from your home or business. Disrupting existing pockets of asbestos could release more fibres into the air and cause more significant risks of exposure.”

Raj Cosal also warns people not to touch any substance that they believe is contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos fibres can become airborne and they can enter the body through the nose, eyes, mouth, and skin. Thus, it is important to wear goggles, gloves, masks, and respirator during contact with any asbestos contaminated material.

People should not drill or renovate any ceiling or wall that is suspected to contain asbestos. Rather, people should contact a professional certified asbestos removal service if asbestos is suspected to be present in the home or building. Only certified professionals should be allowed to work with asbestos abatement as it is complicated and dangerous if done improperly and without the appropriate precautions. If the home or building to be renovated is old, it is advisable to call for asbestos testing to avoid accidentally disturbing asbestos materials.

RGR Abatements specializes in low cost asbestos removal in Calgary and neighbouring areas. They also offer asbestos testing, vermiculite removal, mould abatement, hoarding type projects, full restoration of flood damaged properties, residential/commercial demolition, and new home construction and renovation. Those who require RGR asbestos Calgary removal services can visit the company website or contact them by phone or by email.

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RGR speacializes in Asbestos testing abatement , removal and disposal of all Asbestos found in construction sites. We are certified asbestos removal company in Calagry

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