RGR Abatements Announces 24 Hour Asbestos Testing Capabilities

March 20, 2019
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RGR Abatements in Calgary, Alberta has announced that they are now providing testing for asbestos around the clock. RGR Abatement asbestos testing is available at any time of the day or night to help protect those living in homes with asbestos.

Asbestos is a material that was used commonly in home and building construction before it was found to be dangerous. By the 1970s, asbestos was a common material used in insulation, siding, wall fixtures and ceiling and floor tiles.

“Once it was found to be so dangerous, construction companies stopped using it,” says Raj Gosal, a representative for RGR Abatements. “Unfortunately, by that time, asbestos fibers could be found in many homes and buildings.”

Asbestos was primarily used in construction because of its cost-effectiveness. Gosal says that once it was discovered that this material could cause mesothelioma and other breathing problems, it became much less cost-effective as the removal process began to get very expensive. Removing asbestos means first testing to see if the material is evident in the structure. If it is found, the removal process must include protecting the air in the structure while the asbestos is being removed.

“The problem lies in asbestos fibers,” says Gosal. “Asbestos fibers can easily be inhaled into the lungs and the fibers are so small that one would not even notice it. Once it is inhaled, asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, a serious and often fatal disease of the lungs.”

Gosal says that removing asbestos must be done by a professional. Consumers would have no idea how to remove the material without releasing the fibers into the air, which could be deadly. Gosal adds that anyone in the Calgary area who believes that their home or business structure may contain asbestos can visit the company online to see their entire service area and to contact them for an inspection.

“The inspection is very important,” says Gosal. “Homes or business structures will need to be thoroughly inspected, and that means more than simply looking behind the walls. Asbestos materials have been used in a number of other construction materials, so the entire structure would need to be inspected to deem it safe for inhabitation.”

Gosal states that RGR Abatements can come into a home or business and perform a thorough inspection to determine if asbestos is evident. If it is found, the company can properly and safely remove that asbestos to ensure that it is once again safe to inhabit.

Material testing includes testing the soil, building materials and water supply for the structure. Building materials are tested under a polar light microscope to determine if there is asbestos in the structure. Once a sample is acquired, the company states that it is sent to a lab for proper testing and results are typically available shortly after.

Gosal states that if asbestos is found in the home, it must be removed as quickly as possible to keep it from becoming a hazard. The problem comes when the asbestos is released and the fibers get into the air. He adds that consumers are strongly urged to never attempt to remove any building material that they believe may contain asbestos. Not knowing how to properly remove these materials or not having the appropriate equipment to do so safely could be detrimental to the remover.

RGR Abatements offers inspection and removal of asbestos for homes and businesses throughout the Calgary area. Those who are interested in learning more or those who believe that they need asbestos testing to determine if their home was built with construction materials containing this dangerous material can contact the company directly to schedule a consultation and testing. More on the company, their credentials and the specific services that they provide can be found on their website, along with direct contact information for those who would like to call or email to set up a consultation. An online contact form is also available on the website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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