Mold Testing Layton Utah Company Warns That Roof Damage Can Lead To Water Damage And Mold Damage

July 09, 2019
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The Flood Co., a mold testing Layton Utah service provider, has announced that they have recently posted an article on their blog page, which warns that roof damage can lead to water damage. And when there is water damage, particularly on the roof and nearby areas, this will likely result also into mold damage. Thus, mold testing is also often recommended. This is to determine the type of mold that is present, the levels of mold spores already in the air, whether those levels are unhealthy, and how much the mold damage has spread to other areas in the home or property.

Daryl Olsen, president of The Flood Co., says, “We need to warn homeowners and property owners that trying to kill mold does not take care of the problem. Molds need to be physically removed. But before that can be done, mold inspection must be performed to find out the extent of the problem and determine the appropriate mold remediation measures that will need to be undertaken. Mold testing is also commonly used to document the levels of spores in the air before and after mold removal. Lab results confirming the cleanliness of a space after mold has been removed can give confidence and peace of mind to all parties.”

Daryl Olsen further explains that the mold removal process must be performed with containment, under negative pressure utilizing HEPA-filtered air scrubbers. All of the contaminated materials will need to be bagged and disposed of appropriately. The structural materials such as subfloor and framing will have to be HEPA-vacuumed, sanded, and then HEPA-vacuumed again. All of the surfaces in the containment area will have to be HEPA-vacuumed and cleaned before the containment is dismantled. And while performing the mold removal, the team from The Flood Co. will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and HEPA-filtered respirators. Quantitative air sampling will be conducted before and after the mold removal to ensure the success of the remediation work.

Water damage services from The Flood Co. is subdivided into flooded basement cleanup, ice damming, pipe leak cleanup, and wet carpet cleanup. Mold damage services include mold testing and mold remediation.

The Flood Co. follows certain guidelines in post remediation evaluation criteria for mold contamination. First of all, they will not stop their remediation process until the area is visibly free of mold. Post sampling will only be done after a visual inspection indicates that all of the molds have been removed. After post sampling has been performed, the total mold spore concentration must be ascertained to be less than 2,000 c/m3, which is considered to be the spore concentration for a typical fungal ecology. If it is 2,000 or more, the remediation process must be continued.

Meanwhile, a comparison sample will need to be collected from out-of-doors or inside building but outside of the containment area. Here, the total spore concentration of the inside sample must be lower compared to that of the comparison sample. Next, it must be ascertained that the level of each fungal type recovered inside is less than 100 c/m3 above the level of the same fungal type in the comparison sample.

Furthermore, the Aspergillus/Penicillium on the inside sample must be lower than 200 c/m3 to be able to proceed to the next step. The next step is to ensure that the inside sample does have have the target fungal types, both counted and observed. If such is the case, the remediation has been successful.

The Flood Co. has been serving Northern Utah and South West Wyoming for more than 20 years. They specialize in water damage restoration, mold damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and air duct cleaning. People who require more information about mold testing or other services provided by The Flood Co. can visit their website, contact them on the phone or through email. The service areas covered by The Flood Co. include Box Elder County, Summit County, Davis County, Utah County, Tooele County, Salt Lake County, Wasatch County, Logan, Weber County, and Heber City.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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The Flood Co. has been providing Northern Utah with disaster repair services for over 20 years.

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