Recent Job Shows the Importantance of Eden Utah Mold Removal Even After Small Leaks

February 04, 2020
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Eden Utah mold removal service, The Flood Co., was just recently called to do a job at a home that had a leaking window. Those at the company were quick to point out that even though the window leak was small it still caused extensive mold buildup problems. It resulted in so much mold contamination that the job is still ongoing. Extensive mold remediation work like this leak necessitated is why the company advocates getting mold issues professionally resolved.

Company president, Daryl Olsen, said this about the small window leak and the subsequent problems it caused, “This recent job is a great example of how even the smallest of undetected leaks can cause extensive mold buildup. The improperly installed window, in this case, allowed minor repeated water seepage that eventually worked its way deep into the carpeting, the drywall, and the wall support structure. This window was probably leaking long before the customer actually noticed the bad smell associated with the mold buildup in the damp carpeting. Our crew was amazed at the extent of the mold problem caused by this minor leak when they first pulled back the carpet.”

He went on to say that it’s very important to quickly remove mold from a home or commercial property for several reasons. The first is that mold growth promotes structural and fiber breakdown. It can do such things as ruin carpet and upholstery or embed itself so deeply in drywall that it needs to be replaced. Olsen says that mold is also the main culprit behind many home air issues. It is a well-known Allergan and upper respiratory irritant. It’s something that nobody wants building up in their home or commercial property.

Olsen also added that one of the main reasons that mold needs to be professionally removed is to prevent the spread of the spores. If such equipment as scrub brushes and carpet shampooers are used in rooms that are not sealed off, mold spores can easily be spread to other areas of a home which will cause even more mold problems in the future. He says their experienced crews take steps to seal off the mold-infested rooms in a home before any mold cleanup is attempted. That way it will prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas of the house. The president says the bigger the contaminated area the more likely that mold spores can be spread to another area in a home or commercial property if that moldy room is not sealed off properly.

The company president said the mold remediation crews at the company are very experienced. For over 20 years now the Flood Co. has been helping to eliminate mold problems in area homes and businesses. He says that not only do their mold removal techs have the experience to successfully eliminate mold buildup in a home but they also use the latest and best equipment to get that job done. They know how to track down and eliminate even tiny pockets of mold-contaminated areas in a home or commercial property.

Olsen also went on to say that if someone has experienced a leak and they suspect it has caused a mold buildup in their walls or carpet but they are not sure, they should get a mold inspector to come to their home and check the extent of the contamination. They have the test equipment and other apparatus necessary to pinpoint even the smallest mold buildup areas. These inspectors can even test for the presence of mold in the air.

The president also wanted to remind people that they are always there for them when they discover any mold problem that needs resolving. He says that their company is available around the clock every day to help spot and resolve household mold issues. Olsen says their 24-hour emergency mold services are even available late at night, on weekends, and on all major holidays. He emphasized that significant mold problems can occur at any time of the night or day and when they do the company always has a crew standing by to help.

Olsen says he is always happy to answer any questions or concerns that people have about possible mold contamination at their Eden area homes or businesses.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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