Centerville, Utah Water Damage Cleanup Specialist Advises Homeowners To Take Care With Taps

April 21, 2020
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Centerville, Utah based The Flood Co. is reaching out to the communities they serve to warn homeowners how easily their properties may suffer damage from unattended taps. As part of this latest step of their awareness campaign regarding water damage and its causes, the company is sharing details regarding a recent project that they worked on. Learn more here:

According to Daryl Olsen of The Flood Co., the customer who contacted the company reported that they had left a tap running for too long. This tap was situated in the laundry room of the property, which may have contributed to the residents failing to identify that something was amiss. As the tap was left alone for an extended period, the sink overflowed and drenched the laundry room floor as well as the walls and ceiling of the floor below. The Flood Co.’s technicians examined the damage and estimated that the total cost of repairs would come to $4000.

Olsen states, “Most people tend to associate water damage with natural disasters or accidents, and they are not wholly incorrect for making this assumption. Heavy storms, burst pipes and so on can certainly set off a chain reaction that leads to extensive water damage. In many cases, repairing the original damage that led to the water being introduced to the environment in question can be an issue that needs to be addressed separately.”

He continues, “In this case, however, the residents of the property simply left the water running for far too long. All it took was a relatively short period of inattention for enough water to soak into the floor and leech down where it affected the ceiling and walls below. Depending on the circumstances, water may continue to leech into the surrounding area even if the source is noticed and residents attempt to clean it up. A shower floor and a sink are easy places to safely drain water through, but a floor without a dedicated drain would probably need to be mopped at great length, depending on the volume of water in question. The time needed to clean the area is important because the remaining water can continue to soak through even as it is being removed.”

Due to the extensive nature of the destruction that such inattention can lead to (and the resulting expenses), the company advises homeowners not to underestimate how prone their homes are to water damage. While certain incidents, such as storms, accidents and component failures, are harder to avoid, homeowners should remain aware of their own actions and the potential consequences in order to avoid having to deal with a similar situation in their own home.

Should they find themselves having to address such issues, however, The Flood Co. states that homeowners should contact a trusted and reliable water damage remediation provider as soon as possible. The longer they take to contact a professional, the more damage is likely to occur. In worst case scenarios, the presence of water can even lead to mold growths taking hold over time, possibly placing the health of all the property’s inhabitants at risk. Fortunately, Centerville residents may rely on The Flood Co. to resolve all their water damage-related problems, including Water Extraction, Flood Damage Cleanup, Deodorization and Sanitizing, Professional Dehumidification, Mold Removal and Mildew Prevention, and much more. Notably, the company is also able to lend their considerable expertise to homeowners who require help navigating their insurance policies and negotiating with their providers.

As the company states on their website, “The Flood Co. employs a water damage remediation team that has many years of experience to provide you with the fastest and most cost-effective solutions available. They not only come to your Centerville home and remove the standing water from the damage site; they identify and tackle the core of the problem, eliminating further sources of standing water and water damage, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing it won’t cause any further damage. They will treat your Centerville home as though it were their own.”

Those interested are welcome to browse the company’s website to learn more. Similarly, further inquiries may be directed to Daryl Olsen or the company’s customer service team. They may be approached for emergency water damage remediation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit their website here:

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