The Flood Co. Offers Professional Mold Inspection And Removal To Park City, Utah Residents

May 15, 2020
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Centerville, Utah based The Flood Co. is pleased to offer mold inspection and removal services to residents of Park City and the surrounding areas. The Flood Co. is an experienced company that has the skills and expertise required to test one’s home for mold growth as well as perform a complete mold removal program in order to bring the home back to excellent safety and health standards.

As noted on the company’s website, at, The Flood Co. is the first place to count on when someone needs Park City, Utah mold removal services. There are thousands of species of mold, and many of these can grow virtually anywhere inside of one’s home. The presence of damp and dark areas inside a house can contribute to excessive mold growth, which will then lead to a mold infestation. Such infestations can come about due to flooding, roof leaks, indoor plumbing problems or the incomplete drying of floor materials (such as carpets or concrete). Molds easily reproduce through their spores, which spread by being carried away by air currents. Given all these factors that can cause mold growth, it can be a difficult task for a homeowner to determine whether or not they have a mold problem that urgently needs to be addressed.

Daryl Olsen, a representative of The Flood Co., says, “If you suspect you might have mold in your home, we guarantee that we will provide the best Park City, Utah mold removal services you can find. Don’t worry about fixing the mold problem on your own. Our professional staff can do it quickly and safely, ensuring you can continue living in your home without the severe health risks caused by a mold infestation.”

Olsen also highlights the importance of fixing mold problems immediately. Several species of mold can cause severe allergic reactions and upper respiratory problems, for instance, and they can produce mycotoxins that pose a serious health risk to humans as well as animals. If left untreated, mycotoxins can result in neurological damage and even death. In addition, mold is known to cause asthma—and immuno-compromised patients who have been exposed to mold may also acquire other primary and secondary infections that may lead to fatal consequences.

Some of the telltale signs of mold exposure include eye irritation (as well as red, itchy, or watery eyes), sinus and nasal congestion, a cough, respiratory problems (such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, etc.), skin irritation (including rashes or breakouts), throat irritation, persistent sneezing and headaches. If an individual’s family member exhibits these symptoms, Olsen urges that they seek immediate medical attention and call The Flood Co. in order to address the house’s mold problem right away.

The company asserts that, since mold growth presents a significant health hazard, it must be removed immediately, safely and thoroughly. The first step is to identify the location and type of mold. This is not easy to do on one’s own, so it is best to hire a professional mold removal company to address the problem.

Moreover, Olsen details a recent mold removal job that the company undertook for a local customer. Olsen says, “The home was up for sale. The inspector found no mold. Despite this, the buyer thought it necessary to approach us for air samples in order to be sure the house was safe. Samples were taken on both floors of the home. We found out that there were elevated levels of mold in the basement. They were told to use air scrubbers, which will lower the spore counts in the air. Unless the mold is removed, however, those levels will rise again. It turns out that the mold came from a prior main water line leak that resulted in mold in a closet and family room. It cost $2000 for cleanup and $2000 for repairs.”

The Flood Co. has been serving Northern Utah and South West Wyoming for over 20 years. They specialize in water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold damage restoration and air duct cleaning using NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) cleaning guidelines.

The Flood Co. primarily offers Park City, Utah mold inspection and removal, and they assert that they will bring each client’s home back to its original, safe condition once they are done. Those interested may find more information on the company’s website at They may also connect with The Flood Co. via social media to stay abreast of their latest news and important announcements.

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The Flood Co. has been providing Northern Utah with disaster repair services for over 20 years.

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