Fioney Highlights The Best Personal Finance Articles From Across The Web For September 2023

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The team at financial news platform Fioney has just published a compilation of the Top 10 financial articles from around the web for the month of September.

On the first Friday of each month, Fioney highlights the best posts published in the weeks prior. The articles come from a mix of sites – some that frequently make the cut as well as many first-timers. September’s collection contains articles that cover a wide gamut of topics such as family finance, some insights that not only apply to money but life as well, retirement and investing, and finally some personal finance tips.

In an interview discussing the top 10 monthly lists, Fioney Head Writer Kyle Burbank said, “Here at Fioney, we scour the web, conduct research, and tap into our personal experiences to provide news, reviews, and tips on the tools, apps, and services you need to improve your personal finances. With our latest collection of articles for September, we are showcasing the best advice on the internet that can help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals. Please check out the articles at your leisure and for more money management tips and personal finance product reviews, visit Fioney.”

Fioney’s top 10 list begins with articles about family finance. In the article titled “6 Keys to Helping Adult “Kids” Transition to Financial Independence,” Jessica Sommerfield from MoneyNing offers key advice to help kids growing older make the transition to being independent adults. In “Why I Let My Kids Go Into Debt,” Frugalwoods presents the idea that allowing one’s kids to experience a type of debt can be an impactful lesson to learn about money.

Next, Fioney shares four articles discussing keen insights into money management and wealth creation. In “No One Gets Rich Being a Pessimist,” Your Money Blueprint points out the difference between occasional negativity and pessimism and how the latter harms one’s potential to do their best and make money. “The Rise of “This-Just-Started-Working-For-Me” Wisdom” by Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist discusses how not all advice on the internet is created equal and how what works for some might not work for everyone.

In another article, Katie Gatti Tasin from Money with Katie explains how “spreading out the misery” can be a useful approach to life and finance. In “Future You vs. Present You: Cracking the Dilemma of Choice,” Jim Wang from Wallet Hacks discusses how the constant struggle between instant and delayed gratification pits people against their future selves and why there is a need to find a healthy balance between both.

Fioney then shares two articles that discuss retirement and investing. “How I Sell Investments To Fund My Retirement: A Step-By-Step Guide” by A Purple Life provides a roadmap to an investment-selling strategy as an early retiree. “How Often to Rebalance a Portfolio” by Mike Piper of Oblivious Investor shares his insight into how rebalancing can help people ensure a healthy stock portfolio in the long term.

Finally, Fioney highlights two articles that offer prudent personal finance tips. One of these articles is penned by Kyle Burbank himself for Money@30. Titled “A Practical Renters Guide From a Lifelong Renter,” the guide shares the many considerations that prospective renters should be aware of as they compare properties, consider costs, and prepare for move-in day. Lastly, “The Hidden Costs of Owning a Car” by Jason Brown of How To Money discusses the several expenses associated with owning a car that new buyers may not think of and shares some tips on how to buy the right vehicle for one’s needs.

Kyle summarizes the top 10 list for September by saying, “The websites that made the list are resources that I recommend you check out for more information on how to build a long-term personal finance strategy. As always, for more such articles and advice, follow Fioney.”

Readers can find links to all the articles that Fioney has collated by visiting - Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — September 2023.

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