Fioney Publishes a Comprehensive Renters Guide to Help Renters Spend Their Money Wisely

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Kyle Burbank, head writer at the personal finance and small business site Fioney, has announced the publication of a comprehensive renters’ guide.

The guide takes a look at each step of the rental process, from finding a place to live, what to consider when choosing between rental properties, important facts about renting to know ahead of time, and how to get the most for one’s money. The guide is also accompanied by a video that specifically delves into the kind of expenses that you may not be aware of but are often associated with renting an apartment unit or a house.

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The renters guide begins by listing the many different ways in which one can start looking for rental properties. These include online portals that have real estate listings and even general listing sites such as Craigslist. Kyle also reminds readers that they can start looking for rental properties by asking around in their friend circle.

Next, Kyle performs a deep dive into the many ways in which some rental costs are often not considered when looking for properties. For example, some properties may include the cost of water in the rent but might ask tenants to cover electricity separately. This extends to cable/satellite TV, internet, trash, pet fees, and other practical amenities.

In the video, Kyle expands on the idea by saying, “Collectively, your utilities can be one of your biggest monthly expenses beyond rent itself. Yet, confusingly, certain rentals will cover some of these bills whereas others don’t. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you understand what your rent includes, with some common examples being electricity, gas, and water. Moreover, if these things aren’t covered, then you’ll want to have a basic idea of how much the average bill is so you know what to expect. Also keep in mind that deposits may be required to start service with utility providers, so look into their policies before moving forward with a rental.”

Readers who want more information are urged to check out the full article by visiting “A Practical Renters Guide From a Lifelong Renter.”

The guide then offers some advice on how to save money on rent. For example, selecting a location somewhere on the outskirts of town is often a way to save significantly. While it is a little inconvenient, expanding the search beyond a certain radius can often help reduce the portion of your monthly income spent on rent. Other ways to save money include signing up for longer-term leases, taking advantage of promotions and referrals, and, of course, moving into a place with roommates to share the burden.

Once the ideal property has been identified, there are also certain expenses associated with moving in. This includes the security deposit, first and last month’s rent, pet deposit, move-in fees, and more. Several landlords charge money for the application process as they may perform a credit history check to verify the tenant’s ability to pay. This also includes general background checks and rental history checks.

Kyle goes on to warn readers to also stay abreast of the rules and regulations of the rental when they have moved in. The biggest task is reading through and carefully understanding the entire lease. If there is a discrepancy between the service received and the terms of the lease, tenants should immediately bring that to the landlord’s attention.

The unit walkthrough is also a good time to document any existing issues to avoid conflicts when it is time to move out. Finally, Kyle discusses the proper procedure to notify landlords about problems with the unit, advises readers to look into renters’ insurance, and recommends ways to save transaction fees when paying rent.

For more such informative articles, readers are urged to visit Fioney which provides news, reviews, and tips on tools, apps, and services, including personal finance product reviews, to help them improve their finances and run their small businesses.

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