Top 10 Personal Finance Articles For August 2023 Highlighted By Fioney

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The team at financial news platform Fioney has just published a compilation of the Top 10 financial articles from around the web for August 2023. This list is updated each month, on the first Friday of that month, and it is an excellent launchpad for anyone who wishes to look back on the best and most informative personal finance writing from the prior month.

Fioney selects the best articles no matter what their source may be or how often they may have previously been featured. The team says this serves to ensure that the best of the best receive a spotlight in order to provide the greatest benefit to readers. As a result, readers will find that the list often features a list of familiar names as well as brand new sites whose recent works made them qualify for Fioney’s list.

Personal finance can cover a broad swathe of concerns, including income sources, retirement, tips for saving money, and much more. Fioney's Top 10 list aims to be representative of this multitude of topics, and their August nominations are no different. In fact, the first pair of articles recommended by the platform fall into a category that will be of great interest to homeowners and investors alike: Housing.

Fioney’s article, Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — August 2023, begins by advising readers to check out articles that explore how important it is to jump on an opportunity to own a home when the conditions are right. The first, ‘Did We Wait Too Long to Buy a House?’ by Kyle Burbank, offers a look at the writer’s journey towards homeownership. It includes Burbank’s analysis of the current housing market, including the mortgage options at their disposal, the listings they could find within their budget and what he ultimately took away from his investigation.

The second article specifically reaches out to tenants who may have the means to purchase a home but may be on the fence for a variety of reasons. ‘You Need to Buy a Home, Renting is Expensive,’ by Lawrence Gonzalez, takes a look at what owning a home offers in addition to its relatively clear-cut return on investment (ROI). For instance, renters may wish to consider the ability to build equity over time, make inflation work in their favor and more. With rent costs steadily rising with no clear end in sight, this article may help tenants consider homeownership more seriously.

The next section, aptly titled ‘Employment and Side Hustles,’ leads readers to articles that can help them negotiate for better salaries with stubborn employers or identify bad advice and so-called money-making trends that are currently flooding the internet. ‘If Your Employer Refuses To Negotiate Salary, Try These 11 Creative Counteroffers,’ by Lauren Torres is the first of these articles, covering a life skill that everyone will need at some point over the course of their careers.

This article generally covers what is often an individual’s primary source of income, however, which is why Fioney saw fit to include ‘12 Terrible Ways To Make Money That The Internet Needs To Stop Pushing’ by John Schmoll in their list. This article specifically targets secondary income sources (or ‘side hustles’) that sound plausible on the surface but have a tendency to fall apart for most people who get involved. Examples of this include Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes, online surveys, dropshipping and more.

The following sections of the list (and their respective articles) are similarly informative, and Fioney strongly recommends that readers give them a read, given how important some of these topics can be. For instance, virtually everyone needs to learn whether they are estimating how much they need for retirement correctly, how much small purchases can add up over time due to tertiary expenses and more.

Those who enjoy or learn anything from these articles may wish to check out the platform’s upcoming publications as well. Fioney publishes a Top 10 list every month, and this can help people with busy schedules stay on top of the best content in personal finance. Readers are also welcome to take a look at Fioney’s personal finance product reviews, which highlight the benefits and drawbacks of a wide array of services, products, and apps.

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