Bipolar Psychosis is Not Talked About Enough, States SUN Behavioral Health Houston

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Houston, TX – Mental health conditions are a very relevant topic in today’s society. More and more people are being diagnosed with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. SUN Behavioral Health Houston has been working to educate communities on these conditions and has recently released a blog post about the “not so known” symptoms of bipolar disorder. One in particular is bipolar psychosis.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that can affect energy levels and concentration. It is characterized by having extremely high and low moods. In terms of psychosis when it comes to bipolar disorder, this most commonly occurs during manic episodes, which is a time of extreme high or energy. This does not mean it cannot happen during depressive episodes or mixed episodes, it is just less common.

“A bipolar psychosis episode cannot always be detected before it happens, but there are some things that can play into your potential for experiencing it. Psychosis as a whole can occur in people who do not have bipolar. Other things that are known to trigger psychosis include schizophrenia, severe stress and anxiety, severe depression, and even lack of sleep. These components combined with bipolar disorder can put you at a higher risk of experiencing psychosis,” the article states.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder can vary depending on the state the person is in. In manic episodes, high energy levels can lead to risky behaviors and intense productivity. In depressive episodes, self-worth and mood are low and can lead to suicidal ideation. When bipolar psychosis is present, the person can see or hear things that are not really there, or perceive a reality that is untrue. In some cases, other underlying mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, can exacerbate bipolar symptoms.

While typically bipolar disorder is diagnosed in teens and adults, children can be affected by the condition as well. In manic episodes, children are more likely to be destructive or lash out as they cannot communicate as easily what they are feeling. Depression, ADHD, and anxiety are often seen together with bipolar disorder in children.

“It is crucial that anyone experiencing a mental health crisis, such as bipolar psychosis, seek medical attention. That is why here at SUN Behavioral Health Houston, we offer 24/7 crisis care. We can get patients admitted in as little as 30 minutes and help to get them stabilized in a timely manner. It is so important to be able to offer this, as hospital emergency rooms can get very overwhelmed and cannot provide quick stabilization,” says a SUN representative.

Bipolar disorder can be managed with the help of professionals. SUN Behavioral Health Houston has helped many patients learn healthy coping skills and utilize talk therapy to manage their bipolar symptoms. Every patient that comes to SUN Houston will receive an evaluation and work with their team of experts to create a treatment plan best suited for their needs. They are also able to prescribe medications and work with each patient to find which one(s) will work for their goals.

Those wanting to learn more about SUN Behavioral Health Houston’s treatment plans for bipolar psychosis can call their hotline at 713-796-2273. For those experiencing a mental health crisis, their doors are open 24/7. For more information about the services they offer, check out their website.

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