SUN Houston Reports Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

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Houston, TX – Alcohol is everywhere and readily available in the communities of Houston. Even underage teens can obtain alcohol. SUN Behavioral Health Houston provides education as well as treatment options for different age groups who are living with alcohol use disorder. Their latest blog explores alcohol poisoning and who is at risk.

When alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed through the lining of the stomach and small intestine. This is where it enters the bloodstream and begins affecting organs such as the brain and kidneys. It eventually ends up in the liver, where it is filtered out.

When alcohol is consumed at a fast rate, the body becomes overwhelmed and cannot process it to keep up with consumption. This causes a buildup of alcohol in the body that exasperates its effects. Factors such as eating before drinking help slow the absorption rate, but this can lead to drinking more because the effects are not felt as quickly as desired.

“Alcohol poisoning can affect anyone at any time. It does not matter if this is the first time drinking or the 400th time. Anyone who shows signs of alcoholism is at higher risk because they are more likely to drink heavily and on a daily basis. Also, those who have a predisposition to heavy drinking are at risk,” states the article.

When alcohol enters the liver, it begins to break down. The process usually takes about an hour per alcoholic beverage. Some factors can affect this rate, such as gender. Women do not produce as much aldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme aids the liver in breaking down alcohol. This is why women are more susceptible to alcohol poisoning.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include confusion, falling in and out of consciousness, vomiting, and clammy skin. More serious symptoms can occur such as trouble breathing, slowed heart rate, seizures, dulled responses, and low body temperature. When these occur, it is key to seek medical attention and stay with the person.

“Until medical help arrives, keep the person in a safe and quiet area. If they are vomiting, keep them on their side to prevent choking. Make sure they do not try to leave, as falls are common with alcohol poisoning and can cause further injury. Once help arrives, be honest with how much alcohol was consumed and if any other substances were paired with them. This will help the professionals treat accordingly and efficiently,” continues the article.

Texas has the Good Samaritan Law in place, meaning those who help with a life-threatening situation, such as alcohol poisoning, will not be punishable by law. This encourages bystanders to aid in these dangerous situations and call for help.

Those who have experienced alcohol poisoning may be ready to seek treatment options for alcohol use disorder. SUN Behavioral Health Houston has a full spectrum program including alcohol detox, inpatient, and outpatient services. They provide different types of therapy as well as diagnosing and treating mental health conditions diagnosed during alcoholism treatment.

SUN Behavioral Health Houston also provides alternative methods of treatment such as electroconvulsive therapy treatment (ECT). Telehealth consultations are available for those who cannot make it to the facility, as well as 24/7 crisis care in times of mental desperation.

For those wanting more information, call SUN Houston at 713-796-2273 or visit their website. There is no need to have a prior diagnosis in order to seek treatment, their staff is always available for new patients.

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