Matt Tarrant: How To Grow Your Business And Sales Faster

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Charnwood, England -

Loughborough, England based Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching is reaching out to local business owners to share how they can improve the growth of their business and sales. Matt Tarrant has dedicated himself to helping small businesses achieve success by providing actionable strategies and advice.

Tarrant says, “A lot of small business owners want to grow their business, understandably. But the unfortunate truth is that, more often than not, they go about doing it the wrong way. In my time consulting for businesses, I have discovered that many local business owners ask themselves a simple six-word question that goes along the lines of ‘___ low ___ ___ price ___?.’ They sometimes ask this out loud, but more often, it’s lodged in their subconscious. I am not exempt to this behavior either. This question affects everything they do, and when they act on it, it sends the wrong message out to their prospects.”

6-word question a business owner should never ask

As he explains, this mystery question would not be asked by a strong, thriving, profitable business. While it may sometimes help in the short term and actually have somewhat of a positive impact on sales, it has a negative impact in the long term. According to Tarrant, it can actually drive away people, subsequently killing profits. It can even kill a business completely. For a small business that is focused on growing, this is not a good thing.

Tarrant says, “When I hear it asked of me, I actually fear for the business owner’s future, and even more so when I see them take action on it. This is why I want to make sure that every business owner knows exactly what this toxic question is. If you are interested in learning more about how this question can adversely affect your business, check out my Facebook post and visit my website.”

Tarrant has great experience helping small businesses grow. After leaving academia, he started his own small business before working at CERN for some time. Following CERN, he worked at an American startup building systems for various companies, including brands like John Deere, Adidas and more. After traveling the world helping out a number of businesses, he returned to England where he found that the business unit he worked in was dying, took over their P & L, and helped them turn a profit of $14 million in a period of eight months. He discovered his passion is to help other small business owners multiply their profits — and he has since been pursuing that goal. He has also authored a couple of books.

He says, “I don't believe in get-rich programs. I place importance in hard work, adding value and genuinely serving others. When I tell you I can help you, I mean I will really help you. I have put everything I have learned over my long career into strategies, tactics and resources broken down for you into 40 steps, so small, so easy and so fast that as soon as you take the first step, you will be well on your way to making more money. But you still need to commit, take real action and work for it.”

Those who have previously worked with Matt Tarrant have nothing but praise for the assistance he provides. Patrick Derouin says in his 5-Star review “When you manage transformation and daily business in parallel with a partner like Matt, it makes a difference because you are fully supported with trust and speed of execution.”

In another 5-Star review, Gerd Beck writes, “Matt worked with me for about two years and did the most perfect job of any consultant I had working for me. He quickly understood our complex business/processes, facilitated critical discussions perfectly and moved us to new working methods. 150% recommendation!”

Those interested in learning more about Matt Tarrant’s marketing tips or the range of services he provides should visit his official website. He encourages interested parties to get in touch via email or phone for any questions, concerns or clarifications. Interested parties can also schedule a meeting through his website. Tarrant also maintains a social media presence on Facebook.

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