Matt G Tarrant Is Urging Entrepreneurs To Check Out Kenneth Yu's Inventive Copywriting Process In Advertising

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Charnwood, England -

London-based business growth strategist Matt G Tarrant is sharing an online resource that teaches digital marketers the best way to approach copywriting for advertising. Readers can learn more about the innovative copywriting system by heading over to Matt’s website at the link:

The revolutionary ad creation process that Matt is championing comes from Kenneth Yu, the former Copy Chief at Mindvalley and the founder of the “Holy Grail Copywriting” System. Kenneth Yu calls his new copywriting process “Shock Therapy”. The name of the technique is derived from how it seeks to capture the attention of the audience within the first few moments of them coming across an ad. Kenneth divulged some of the details of the copywriting system in an interview with Rich Schefren, an entrepreneur who talks about a wide range of digital marketing topics on his website, Strategic Profits.

Stop writing ads backward

At its core, Shock Therapy questions the traditional process followed to create ads on the internet. Copywriters who are tasked with creating a new social media campaign usually adopt a straightforward approach that begins with brainstorming the angle to take while talking about the product or service being marketed. This is followed by creating variations of the ad copy for A/B testing and tweaking them based on feedback. Finally, the copywriting team will pick images and videos for the campaign that align with the angle that it opted to craft a narrative around.

However, after studying the kind of content that internet users are most likely to engage with, it becomes clear that even the best ad copy is no match for a well-placed eye-catching image or video. Experts agree that around 70 to 80% of the success of an ad today comes from how visually appealing, intriguing, and memorable its creative is, the common industry parlance for referring to the images or videos which are used in an ad.

In the interview, Kenneth reveals that Shock Therapy can help copywriters triple their campaign’s click-through rate and lower their cost-per-lead by up to 75%. Shock Therapy recommends beginning the copywriting process by finding specific images and videos that provoke visceral reactions and immediately grab the prospect's attention. Kenneth Yu says that the search for the creative, that has the most potential to be clicked on, should be completed before the copywriters have written even a single word of copy. Once the most eyeball-grabbing creatives are found, copywriters can proceed to write headlines and ad copy that pair with them. In the interview with Rich, Kenneth also shares more than 12 “Open Sesame” keywords that make finding the ideal creative for the ad easier. He also talks about his 5-step image checklist that ensures one picks the most scroll-stopping image for the ad while keeping the selection relevant to the ad’s message.

Matt talks about Kenneth Yu’s Shock Therapy ad creation approach by saying, “A few decades ago, in the age of dial-up modems, it made sense for internet marketers to spend hours upon hours refining their copy until it was perfectly crafted to get customers to open up their wallets. However, this just doesn’t apply anymore. Media rules the current internet landscape. You need to be skilled enough to get your message across without using words. You don’t even have to worry about performance because the available bandwidth today enables images and videos to load seamlessly, even on mobile devices. Understanding that the way your target audience spends time on the internet and consumes content is not the same as it was several years ago is the key to unlocking the full potential of your digital marketing efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Kenneth Yu’s video because you will learn so much more about the skill required to stand out on the internet that I just can’t express in words – not unlike what Shock Therapy suggests! You are also welcome to hear me summarize my thoughts on Kenneth Yu’s copywriting system in under 2 minutes in a YouTube video at”

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