Matt G Tarrant Uses AI To Help Business Owners Promote Their Local Reviews And Get More Traffic

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Charnwood, England -

Matt G Tarrant is helping businesses build unassailable social proof within their industry and increase their conversion rate using AI-generated video reviews.

The London-based digital marketer, and business growth specialist, is offering the services of his experienced professional video production teams to 100 beta testers who will receive an AI video review in exchange for 3 referrals and a testimonial. Matt Tarrant explains the concept of the AI video review and presents a sample of what the finished product will look like in a YouTube video at The finished video can be syndicated to the client’s website and all associated social media profiles including YouTube. To sweeten the pot, Matt will also show his clients how to get more reviews on their Google My Business listings.

Stop Wasting Your Reviews

Video reviews are a very efficient and engaging format for a business to convey its message to its customers. Video testimonials are considered especially trustworthy as hearing the value proposition that a business offers from real people and seeing them vouch for its services breaks down the barriers that might have kept a person from working with it. The video review format also makes it possible for businesses to take advantage of diverse advertising platforms such as the video streaming platform YouTube which is effectively the world’s second-largest search engine today.

Matt Tarrant explains the importance of having video reviews to promote a business’s products in this day and age by saying, “In Podium’s 2017 State of Online Reviews survey, the company found that 93% of customers will make sure to look up a business's reputation online before choosing to work with it. Moreover, over two-thirds of all internet users say that video content, either sponsored or unrelated, prompted them to look into a business’s services. So, with just how ubiquitous video content is today, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to market your business. Having video testimonials on your website and YouTube channel will not only do wonders for your business's reputation but it will also drive traffic. This is especially more important if you are just starting and you don’t yet have the sheer volume of positive reviews that your competitors might be benefitting from.”

Matt is encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners to sign up to be the first beta testers for its new AI-driven video system, that remarkets the 5-start reviews that a business already has, to get leads, increase social proof, and make sales easier. The AI video review production service is currently being offered at a $397 value. However, Matt also runs periodic promotions where companies can avail of the service for free if they refer it to 3 other businesses in their network and leave a testimonial for the services they received. Interested parties can register on Matt’s website to be notified when this promotional offer is available again for the next 100 beta testers.

Matt G Tarrant has assembled a skilled world-class video production team that has extensively studied the top factors that dictate customers’ buying decisions. Armed with this insight, the team can create videos that rely on these concepts to create reputation commercials that are proven to boost their clients’ visibility and conversion rates. Matt Tarrant’s video production team can help businesses in over 100 niches get the right exposure for their online presence. It uses a brand-new AI-driven technology that allows it to create a video that speaks the client’s words without needing the time and hassle of sitting through a video interview. The team will also work with the client to provide free updates to the final product to make sure it is tweaked just right, according to the client’s specifications.

On his website, Matt breaks down the video production process. The customer is required to give Matt and his team a few details that will help them create the best review video for the business. This includes filling out an application form, picking out a 5-star review to highlight, and then waiting for a few minutes while Matt’s team verifies the request using a technical review. The production team with then reach out to the client within 24 hours to start consulting on the video. Matt says that the video production team has a turnover rate of just a few days.

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