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Charnwood, England -

Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching, a digital marketer based in Loughborough, England, has published a new YouTube video: How To Increase Website Traffic. The video explains how any party may get more traffic and leads using the ‘FAQ Traffic Magnet’ method. The process is explained in greater detail in supplementary resources — a longer video, case study and an Action Guide — which are available for free via the link under the video.

As Tarrant observes, websites sometimes fare poorly when it comes to getting leads. This can be quite disheartening, given all the time and effort that goes into building them. However, anyone can use Tarrant’s tips and strategies to bring more traffic to their website.

The main problem, he says, often has to do with the website not appearing on the first page of a Google Search. Having the website appear amongst the results on the first page of a Google Search is the holy grail, not just for SEO marketers, but for anyone who has a website. However, as Tarrant points out, the competition for top keywords is fierce. This can also be considered an understatement, given that Google will penalise the whole site if the owner tries to trick the platform. Keywords can be worked into a page, however, and Google will soon increase that website’s ranking for that keyword.

Tarrant says that website owners or designers must begin by picking a single, specific web page that they want to rank higher. The increased ranking will lead to more traffic, which will turn into more leads. He discusses SEO tools and how they can be used to boost search rankings in the video as well. “So what you do,” he says, “is you add three short questions and answers about each of the keyword phrases, and you find them in the Frequently Asked Questions page. And so you add them onto your page. An FAQ section, just put it at the bottom.” By answering questions commonly searched for on Google, the search engine rewards the website automatically by diverting some traffic towards it. A tip to get answers on what questions and answers to include is to actually perform a search, in Google, and check out the people who also ask questions. Tarrant demonstrates this by looking up a random site and highlighting the keywords used in order to boost their rankings, which he notes is well within anyone’s skillset.

The next major tip he discusses is schema, which is simply a type of machine-readable text. It should be structured so that Google can easily comprehend what the web page is about, but it is also possible to take the aforementioned queries and convert them into machine-readable text using a sophisticated technique, which would directly inform Google about the frequently asked queries and their responses without requiring it to scan the entire page or use a lot of processing power on it. Time is saved, and this factor is highly treasured by the search engine. It saves Google from having to browse through trillions of pages, all of which must subsequently be indexed (and their meanings determined). They save money as a result, which makes it preferable, and it is an advanced technique. Notably, this kind of adjustment is not mandatory, but it is worth the investment given how Google reacts to it.

Tarrant adds that the technique can be applied to as many pages as necessary on a website. If the administrator continuously monitors its statistics and keeps updating keywords and pages to suit their needs, they will see a continuous increase in traffic — along with a better search page ranking.

Matt Tarrant had been a fellow at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, when he met some staff members of a small startup business with headquarters in the US. Later on, he joined that business (specifically, its first office in Germany). However, he later discovered that the business was losing money. As a result, he made the decision to take action, and after six months, he was successful in turning around the business' financial situation. The next year, he doubled the anticipated net profit to about $5.4 million. After some time, he switched companies and was able to prove his ability to launch online enterprises with a moderate level of success.

He is presently concentrating on building profit machines for business owners. Interested parties may contact him or his team via the Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching website, by phone or by email. He is always ready to help the business community learn more about attracting website traffic.

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