Kennected Linked In Automation Software Earns Rave Reviews on Various Platforms

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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Indianapolis, Indiana - Kennected, a company that offers an SaaS-based marketing software, is happy to announce that they have also been getting highly positive reviews from satisfied and happy customers on other review platforms, aside from Google. The Kennected lead generation tool uses LinkedIn to automate the process of generating leads. This is done by utilizing updates or shorter posts that are often referred to by many people and the software tool maximizes the number of engagements. This process has been observed to be much more effective on LinkedIn, in comparison to other social networks because the LinkedIn algorithm has a much slower decay, which means posts stay longer compared to those on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

For instance, on G2 where Kennected has an overall rating of 4.4 stars, Michelle G., a small business marketing executive, said, “Kennected gives me the tools to run my business on auto-pilot.” She gave Kennected a five star rating and explained what she liked best, “With Kennected, the system lets me manage all of my new contacts and approaches based on my required demographics. I love that the automated messaging sequence helps me to not only connect, but automate my follow up messages. It saves me so much time and allows me to reach a much larger audience than I would be able to by sending these messages manually. I love the scheduling feature as well where I can schedule tailored messages on specific days and times.”

Kennected Enterprise Lead Generation Software Solutions

Kennected offers a unique onboarding process and their one-on-one consulting process is designed to help customers in generating conversations and sales quickly. Using the Kennected premium LinkedIn automation suite requires four simple steps. First, the user must specify a targeted list of ideal prospects on LinkedIn. Second, the user schedules a series of proven cold outreach messages that will actually get responses. Third, the Kennected software will automatically send out thousands of those messages to the prospects every month. And finally, the user will continue the conversation when the leads respond, which ultimately results into the building of relationships and more customers.

Also of note are Cloud Kennect reviews on GetApp, where Kennected has an overall rating of 4.7 stars, which means majority of the reviews are five star reviews. One example is Terrence S. who gave them 5 stars and said, “I have a company that office continuous education for respiratory therapists and nurses. I have a huge following on LinkedIn but it was very disorganized and I really didn't know how to reach out to my group effectively. I decided to sign up for Kennected and it's the best thing I ever did! I utilized Sales Navigator and Kennected and my results are outstanding. It makes it so easy to manage many different profiles all at the same time. I could not say enough good things about Kennected! I will continue to use this platform and I'm only getting better and better with it’s use. I strongly recommend anyone who does any kind of marketing to utilize this product.”

A key feature of the Kennected business lead in lead generation software is that it is automated. Thus, it will continue to do its work even the entrepreneur or business owner using it is doing something else or even asleep. The result is that the user can save a lot of time, effort and money when using Kennected.

Launched in 2018, Kennected is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers lead generation, education, and automation tools to simplify the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs. The company has created the Lead Flow Mastery education platform that teaches LinkedIn mastery to business owners, including building relationships, personal branding, copywriting, and how to use their revolutionary marketing software. They are focused on automating the prospecting and outreach process via LinkedIn Automation. And they help companies of any size to generate leads that ultimately become profitable customers.

Those who would like to know more about the LinkedIn enterprise sales tool can check out the Kennected website, or contact them on the phone.

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Kennected is the leading platform for generating leads online via LinkedIn. Scale your prospecting automatically, and start spending more time closing deals.

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